Return to the origins: how to celebrate Easter in Russia in the old days

Easter, along with Christmas and Pentecost, thisone of the three main holidays of Christianity. It began to be celebrated in Russia immediately after the baptism of the whole people. Later, the feast of the Resurrection of Christ acquired in Orthodoxy the dominant significance. For if the Son of God has trampled death, then all the people of Israel can escape the grave and go into the light of eternal life.

How to meet this bright holiday toto become involved in its main meaning - the resurrection from the dead? Now, in the age of secularism, everything often boils down to baking cakes and dyeing eggs. And how did they celebrate Easter in the old days? Let's study this question in more detail.

How to celebrate Easter in Russia

Calculating the day of Easter

The Feast of the Resurrection of Christ is not a calendar day. This means that he is not tied to a specific date, as, for example, Christmas, which is celebrated in Orthodoxy always on January 7.

How do they celebrate Easter in Russia?This day is calculated by the moon. After March 21, the full moon is waiting for the church calendar, and the following Sunday (if it does not coincide with the Jewish holiday of Pacey) is Easter. Thus, the date is changing every year. Sometimes it coincides with the Catholic Easter, as in 2014, but more often follows her, being late for one or three weeks. This holiday is fundamental for other dates in the church calendar. So, Pancake week, Palm Sunday, Ascension and Pentecost were calculated on Easter.

How to celebrate Easter in the old days

The eve of the holiday

What does tradition tell us?Easter was preceded by a long fast, called the Great People. It started right after the Carnival. Restrictions on food did not apply only to priests and clergy, but to lay people. It was not allowed during this period to eat products of animal origin (except fish, which was considered the gift of the sea).

A week before Easter, Palm (Palm Sunday)Sunday. This is the date of the solemn entrance of Jesus Christ to Jerusalem. After Palm Sunday, the Passionate Seven began. This week was called bright every day. Particularly important for a Christian believer is Holy Thursday - the date of the Last Supper and the imprisonment of Christ.

As celebrated Easter in Russia (or rather,preparing for it) on this day? It was necessary to get up before dawn and swim. This demonstrated the willingness to cleanse from sins and the soul. Then the believers went to church, where they confessed and communed. And then, returning home, they started cleaning. By the day of the Bright Sunday everything had to shine with purity.

How to celebrate Easter in Russia

How to celebrate Easter in Russia

This tradition has been more than a thousand years, and therefore itovergrown with its cultural features. Even with such close people as Russians and Ukrainians, the celebration of Easter is somewhat different. But everywhere, and Catholics also, on the eve of the Bright Sunday, on Holy Saturday, people go to the temple. Believers carry there baked cakes and krasanka (colored boiled eggs). In the churches there are religious processions and all-night services.

According to the chronicles, we know how to celebrate Easterin Russia. The priest, and behind him the flock, went around the stations of the passions, stopping before each and telling about the thorny path of the ascent to Calvary, after which he blessed the artos (prosphora). This is a yeast-free unmarried marmalade, a small loaf on which a cross was placed on baking. Later the tradition of proskurks was transformed into the sprinkling of Easter cakes with the holy water.

The essence of Easter

It should be remembered that this is still a religiouscelebration. Its meaning for the believer is to feel connected to the Christian Salvation. The entire Easter period, which lasted until the Ascension (forty days after this holiday), the believers greeted the words "Christ is risen!". Everyone knows the answer. This is "Truly risen!". Having defended the all-night vigil in the church and exchanged a kiss of peace with each other, the believers went with blessing cakes and eggs to their homes. On the way, it was customary to "hristosovatsya" with everyone on the contrary - to kiss three times in person.

How did they celebrate Easter in Russia yet?The original, no longer a tradition is the constant ringing of bells. The joyous noise did not abate until evening. On this day everyone could get on the bell tower and ring as much as he likes.

How to celebrate Easter in Russia

Festive table

On this bright morning it was customary to break fastafter a long fast. Different peoples have their traditional meat dishes for this day. And how did they celebrate Easter in Russia? We began our meal with a reading-room. Then they ate eggs - this is the beginning of everything, as the Romans said. They were painted in different shades of red. Crocus was considered a crown ritual dish. He was cut across, keeping the crown. And only the Russians prepare for the Feast of Resurrection cottage cheese Easter - a high cone sprinkled with powdered sugar, with a cross on top. By the way, believers were supposed to bake cakes in plenty. During the Holy Week we went about our guests, giving our acquaintances, relatives and friends with small pasochkami. Also on Krasnaya Gorka (Sunday, the next after the holiday) were sent to the cemetery, where they also put cakes for the dead ancestors on the grave. And, finally, they endowed the poor, for Christ walked forty days on earth, taking on the appearance of a beggar.