Disability pension and social pension.

A disability pension is provided forthe legislation of the Russian Federation and is given to certain categories of persons who have a disability I, II, or III group established by the medical commission as a result of labor injuries, occupational diseases or somatic diseases during the period of employment. There are grounds for assigning pensions. These are common grounds and pensions of military personnel.

Disability pension, appointed in connection with thedisability in the workplace, as well as in connection with occupational diseases does not depend on the length of service of a person. While, to obtain disability, people with general illnesses need a certain length of service, directly dependent on the age of the employee. So that a labor pension for invalidity for people under the age of twenty-three years is required for more than one year of work experience. Citizens under the age of twenty are entitled to a pension regardless of their length of service.

Amount of payments

The amount of material disability allowance varies depending on the causes of disability and the established disability group.

In accordance with the Russian federalthe labor disability pension is paid to persons with disabilities on the general grounds as follows: the first and second groups of disability - 75% of earnings, the third group - 30% of earnings. Under conditions when accruals from earnings are not possible, citizens are given a minimum pension.

Citizens who have received a pension forare obliged to undergo a regular re-examination on a medical and social expert commission on a regular basis in order to prolong, withdraw or change the disability group.

If the citizen misses the appointed commissionfor re-certification, the cash payments are terminated. In the future, he again needs to undergo a full re-examination procedure in order to resume payments. Provided that the disability is removed and the workplace is restored to work, the disability pension is canceled.

Subject to changing the group in any direction (increase or decrease), cash payments are made in a different equivalent from the month in which the re-examination took place.

Social disability pension.

A social pension is granted to persons with disability, provided that there are no pension payments on other grounds for any reason.

There are certain grounds for assigning a social pension. These include:

- pensions for reaching old age (without taking into account old age pensions);

- to the disabled of 1,2,3 groups, established on the medical and social expert commission;

- disabled children;

- with the loss (death) of one or both parents in children under the age of eighteen;

All the above categories of citizenssocial pension is assigned in 100% of the amount of the main part of the labor pension for disability or old age (for old age categories not receiving for any reason a pension provided for by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation).

Individual categories of citizens receivingcash allowance as a pension covering disability are citizens who participate in the liquidation of the consequences at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, received injuries there, as well as people who became disabled as a result of other man-made accidents.

In such cases, additional payments are paid to pension disability payments, the amount of which is stipulated by the federal legislation of the Russian Federation.

When disability is added for other reasons, the previous pension is added to the new accruals for the established disability.