Adidas watch: time chronograph

Stylish watches from a prestigious manufacturer,made in the original design model, equipped with a variety of additional functions - the dream of many people who value not only their time, but also their reputation and the impression they make on others.

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Watch Adidas on the wrist - a kind of indicatorthe success of your official affairs, a stable financial condition, and, in general, a kind of signal that life was a success. This is a status that speaks of your excellent taste, the ability not only to dress stylishly, but also to choose appropriate accessories. This is an illustration of that, staying at the peak of fashion, you follow the rules of good taste and choose never-aging classics, updated to the avant-garde. Moreover, to buy an Adidas watch as a presentation means to make someone really a great, unforgettable gift.

Adidas is a quality, proventime. In the market of clothes, shoes and accessories, it occupies one of the leading places, and its history lasts almost a century. And always sports suits, sneakers and sneakers with a cherished inscription-logo were very popular not only among sportsmen (it was for this segment of the market that products were originally intended), but also for ordinary consumers. And when the company released another type of product - the Adidas watch - its prestige grew even more.

Main factors

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The founders of the company, at a time when it onlystood on her feet, the motto for her brainchild was chosen as follows: "Nothing is impossible - everything is possible!". Time, which is now measured by their hours, proved this right. Design art, precision and innovation of the work of electronic engineers led to the creation of several lines of brands of watch movements. Therefore, for today the Adidas watch is presented in the widest assortment of male and female models of sports type.

The watch production of the company corresponds to such technical parameters:

  • a high degree of accuracy in measuring time;
  • excellent exploitation potential;
  • shockproof and waterproof protection.

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Precision to the smallest detail

The company produces sportswear, watchesAdidas is male and female. But there are options that apply to the direction of unisex and equally effectively look at the elegant female handle and strong man's wrist. The heart of the watch is a quartz movement, the body is made of plastic and steel, glass is made on the basis of natural minerals and is highly durable. The dial can be in analog and digital form. Straps are made either from natural materials - leather and rubber, or from strong chemical compounds such as synthetics and silicone. They are in good contact with the wrist, they fit comfortably on the arm, they easily rush.

Last year the company released a new product - watchAdidas Led Watch. The new model immediately became a hit of the season. The collection attracted attention not only with excellent technical data and reliability in work, but also with a variety of colors for the cases.

Adidas is a company that always keeps pace with the times.