How to calculate the date of leaving for the decree?

Virtually all women from the first days of the offensivePregnancy is trying to calculate the date of care in the decree. And this question can be asked the most inveterate careerists only to plan the implementation of all production thoughts and ideas into life and have time to fulfill all unfinished business.

calculate the date of the decree

To calculate the date of leaving the decree, firstyou need to determine the duration of pregnancy. You can become an assistant in this matter your gynecologist. This period is calculated from the first day of the last menstruation, and it is calculated in weeks. More accurately determine the day of childbirth can be through ultrasound. It is appointed by the gynecologist in a planned manner when monitoring the course of pregnancy.

Once you know your correct time, thenyou can no longer worry about how to calculate the date of leaving for the decree. The calculation in this case is very simple. The calculator of the date of birth is as follows: the duration of maternity leave before delivery is 70 days and the same after delivery. The total duration is 140 days. If a woman has a multiple pregnancy, then in this case the vacation is increased prenatal up to 84 days and postpartum - up to 110. When using caesarean section or with complications during labor, the recovery time is prolonged for 2 weeks.

determine the day of childbirth

Calculate the date of leaving for the decreeyourself. This period occurs in 30 weeks or 210 days of pregnancy. Have you already determined the right time? Then it is easy to count. It will be more difficult to calculate if you have not yet consulted a polyclinic. We count as a doctor: by the first day of the month we add 210 days. But if a woman has problems with the regularity of menstruation, or she simply does not remember the date of her termination, then we will base on the results of ultrasound. This method of diagnosis allows you to better determine the duration of pregnancy, based on the normative parameters of fetal development, and hence the beginning of maternity leave.

Pregnant woman to calculate the date of leaving for a decreewill help in the personnel department at the place of work. You may still have an unused annual vacation, then you can first use it, and then - a maternity leave. Thus, you can leave to rest before the 30th week of pregnancy.

birth date calculator

The allowance is paid once for the whole periodmaternity leave, regardless of when you went to the decree. You should be paid a minimum of 140 days, depending on certain circumstances. Payments must be made on the day when the company issues a salary. In accounting, the amount is calculated based on the average salary for the last 2 years.

If during pregnancy you are difficult to performfunctions that are entrusted to you, then management has the right to transfer you to an easier job site. If you feel unwell or feel unwell, the best decision is to take a sick leave sheet. Do not overwork or recycle, based on financial problems, to the detriment of health. After all, the most important thing for a woman is to take out a healthy baby and give birth to it without problems.