Impetigo in children. Symptoms and Treatment

impetigo in children

Impetigo is a disease that does nothas age. However, according to experts, most often it is diagnosed in children. Why? What are the primary symptoms of impetigo in children? What methods of treatment does modern medicine offer? The answers to these and some other questions can be found in this article.

general information

How does impetigo arise in children? First of all, a slight irritation or a small damage (scratch, wound, etc.) appears on the skin. The child, in turn, starts constantly to touch this part of the body, scratching it repeatedly. Thus, the child independently introduces streptococcal or even staphylococcal infection, without knowing about it. Despite the fact that impetigo in children is relatively common, this disease is not severe, but it has earned a relatively poor reputation. In this case, the sick child should be isolated from healthy peers and treated. Moreover, this kind of ailment develops very quickly, hence the course of therapy should be appointed immediately. Otherwise, the infection will spread to the rest of the family.


treatment of impetigo in children

Impetigo in children, as a rule, is manifested inOpen areas of the skin in the form of small bubbles with a cloudy liquid inside. Relatively quickly they are opened, and their contents dries, consistently turning into a crust. Some more time from it will dribble a little viscous liquid. These kind of vesicles are mainly formed on the face (around the nose and mouth), on the legs / hands, and also in the shoulder area. The lymph nodes located in this area often swell and become painful.

How to treat impetigo in children?

Therapy is primarily about respectingelementary, to all without exception known rules of hygiene. Experts recommend that you wash your hands often with a special antibacterial soap, regularly cut your nails so that dirt does not accumulate under them constantly. In some cases, treatment impetigo in children implies the use of penicillin, because the causative agent of this disease is extremely sensitive to it. As a rule, there is enough course in seven days, so that the quantity

how to treat impetigo in children
rashes. Doctors also recommend softening and removing the formed crusts on the skin by means of special compresses. The whole point is that if the microbes continue their life activity under them, then the therapy will be completely ineffective. After the crusts are completely removed, you should gently prizhech infected area zelenkoy, and then lubricate with anti-inflammatory cream. It is better not to impose special bandages.


In conclusion, it should be noted that inIndeed, this kind of ailment is very quickly cured. However, parents and children themselves must adhere to the hygiene recommendations proposed in this article. Only in this way therapy will give a visible result. Be healthy!