Concern Tractor Plants Concern, Cheboksary

LLC "Concern" Tractor Plants "» unitesmore than a dozen large productions, specializing in the production of logging, communal, agricultural machinery, tractors and combines. The president and founder of the company is businessman Mikhail Bolotin.

Concern Tractor Plants


KTZ is an ambitious project designed to uniteprofile enterprises in the field of transport engineering. Its history began with the acquisition in 1996 of the Factory of Industrial Tractors in Cheboksary, which later became the company's main site.

Today the association includes 16 factories in eightsubjects of the Russian Federation and 2 foreign enterprises, 3 trade and service companies, a research institute of tractor construction and specialized design bureaus. The large assortment is represented by samples of equipment of more than 80 items. A team of thousands of people works on their creation. Concern "Tractor Plants" is an indispensable participant of internal Russian and international forums, presentations and exhibitions, in which an unforgettable motor show arranges.

concern Tractor plants Cheboksary

Construction and Industry

The release of industrial equipment for KTZ ispriority. The company has a strong design school, which has twenty years of experience developing heavy tractors, bulldozers, dump trucks, excavators, pipelayers, front loaders, cross-country vehicles.

All machinery produced by structural unitsConcern "Tractor Plants", passed the necessary certification. It is easy to operate, maintainable due to the adjusted service and inexpensive spare parts, proved its reliability. The characteristics of the models correspond to the best analogues, which contributes to their popularity among customers.

Concern Tractor Plants


Within the framework of the national state projectrevival of agriculture, the concern "Tractor Plants" is developing grain and forage harvesting equipment. Combines produced under the brand "Agromash", are respected among farmers. The company aspires to produce the whole range of agricultural machinery - from tillage to harvesting, stacking and storage. Outstanding tractor characteristics of the Chetra family of classes 5-6. They are unique in many ways.

Over 70 dealerships, consolidated"Agromashholding", are located in 57 subjects of the country. The Administration maintains a direct dialogue with many governors, finding mutually acceptable schemes for the supply of new equipment.


Multifunctional Harvester ProductionConcern "Tractor Plants" is a miracle of engineering thought in the field of logging. The working mechanism allows you to carefully cut trees, minimally damaging surrounding plantations, processing trunks from knots, packs finished products, prepares for further processing.

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In the service of the Motherland

Military Division of the concern "Tractor Plants"(Cheboksary) is involved in the re-equipment of the army, supplying the Russian armies and foreign partners with armored vehicles of their own production. In Kurgan and Volgograd, caterpillar military vehicles of light category are assembled:

  • BMP-2;
  • BMP-3;
  • BMD-4.

Specialized design bureau is able to solve the mostcomplex technical problems. A real breakthrough was the development of an improved version of the landing combat vehicle. It combines affordable cost with improved performance:

  • The modernized chassis has increased maneuverability.
  • Protection of the crew has increased significantly.
  • Thanks to the complex of fire control, accuracy of weapons, as well as its effectiveness, improved.
  • It is possible to carry out a safe landing with the crew.

Modified version of BMD today is not inferior to the best samples of foreign equipment.

BMP-3 - this is the best bestseller in the light classarmored vehicles. The car is known for its popularity with the "Kalashnikov" brand and is the pride of the "Tractor Plants" concern. The feedback from the operators testifies to its reliability, the highest level of patency and maneuverability. The model is easy to operate, relatively cheap, very effective in real combat conditions.


The first decade of KTZ actively developed,acquiring more and more new factories. However, due to the global crisis of 2008-09, a number of government development programs were cut, in which enterprises and agricultural organizations could purchase new equipment. Thus, the market "collapsed".

Companies engaged in real production,I had to take out loans that are hampering development today. For this reason, we had to close the combine plant in Krasnoyarsk, moving the power to Cheboksary. The management of "Tractor Plants" counts on improving the financing of agricultural programs by the state and on contracts from the military department.