Rules of business communication

The most important part of any business is businesscommunication, therefore, to know the rules of business communication and to translate knowledge into the process of business negotiations is necessary, because in the process of doing business in the modern world directly the relationship is a huge amount of time. At the same time, it is not enough to communicate politely and benevolently, it is necessary to know and apply the rules of conducting a business conversation, as well as the rules of public speaking, in business negotiations. Observing the rules of business communication, you show your professionalism, and this quality is a prerequisite for successful business development. Breaking the rules of business communication, it is possible to destroy mutual understanding between partners and counterparties, which will lead to a break in contacts.

Let's list the rules of business communication, which are of prime importance:

1. An important condition for business communication is punctuality. Punctuality in deeds characterizes your respectful attitude to one's own and another's time and facilitates communication. An important step in ensuring punctuality is planning.

2. No less verbosity is not verbosity. At the same time, aspects that are connected with the company's activities and with the personal life of colleagues can be superfluous. Try to speak on the merits, clearly, but briefly enough.

3. Respectful attitude to the opinion of partners and colleagues is no less important condition for the success of any business. Curiosity and selfishness, intolerance or the desire to build a career at someone else's expense bring only disappointment and failure. Respect for the interlocutor's opinion, ability to listen to him, and also to hear and understand is the key to success. If you did not answer the words or question of the interlocutor, you grossly violated speech etiquette.

4. It is equally important to write and speak the right language. Ability to conduct a conversation allows you to involve, interest in your ideas, and, consequently, and implement them in life. This ability is necessary in the formation of business relations and contacts.

5. Before taking part in a conversation, it is necessary to clearly formulate the purpose of communication. Use the verbal variety, correctly choosing the right words for a specific situation.

6. Keep your self-control and self-control, watch your feelings and emotions. Do not respond to rudeness with rudeness, dropping to the level of a poorly educated opponent, you will demonstrate the lack of a culture of speech.

  1. Communicating with the interlocutor, stick to your speech habits. Do not adopt the style of communication of the interlocutor, because you lose your individuality, imitating someone else's manner of communication.

8. The rules of conducting a business conversation in addition to business qualities provide for the style of your clothes - dress code.

Therefore, the skill of eloquence, the basic rulespublic speaking must be constantly improved. The rules of business etiquette can open the way to success, you only need to know and use them.

- In order to successfully speak to a mass audience, it is necessary to prepare a plan in advance and draw up the main theses of your speech.

- It is advisable to avoid the instructive tone during the speech.

- Try to convey your own non-indifference to the scribbled theses, using the right intonation.

- Speak simply and competently.

- Engage your audience, convince yourself that you are right, using verifiable arguments.

- Eliminate the boring stamps, clichés, from your speech.

- Concluding the public speech is an effective return to the beginning of speech, as well as re-emphasis on key points.

Despite the fact that the rules are fairly simple, many still do not follow them when negotiating or forget about them, carried away by a lively discussion.