Food supermarkets "Izbinka": customer reviews

Dynamically developing network of shops onrealization of high-quality dairy products is "Izbinka". Feedback from consumers and the advertising of a number of major manufacturers of this market make us wonder: do we really offer "naturalness" and "freshness" to us, is this a marketing method? We'll figure it out together, what kind of product can the company of Andrey Krivenko offer us.

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What is the "Groom"?

The idea of ​​selling natural dairy products inMoscow seemed impossible. Milk is a perishable product, delivery to a metropolis takes time. The availability of demand convinced the company's management of the demand for such a project. Cooperation was established with small farms located far from production, roads and other negative environmental factors.

In the spring of 2009 in Moscow, the first pointnetwork "Izbinka", the reviews of which showed that consumers immediately evaluated the advantages of the new product. By the end of the year, 4 more stores were added, now there are more than 200 of them with an annual turnover of 2 billion rubles. Monthly new stores appear. The number of suppliers from different regions is now measured in several dozen. For several years the village shops turned into white stalls and into a modern store "Izbinka". The customer's feedback has shown that the quality control and quality control system is working successfully. The proposals of buyers and critics are treated with attention and positive.

Every day in any weather, 10 trucks of the trade network leave at night, so that by morning fresh food has got on the shelves of the "Izbenka".

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Natural dairy products are represented in"Izbenka" in 60 commodity positions. In addition to milk, kefir, sour cream, yoghurts, several types of cheeses, cottage cheese, yogurt, ryazhenka, cream, acidophilus are on sale. In the range of dairy products for baby food, including for babies from 6 months - sticks, bifilife, curds with pieces of fruit, kefir, juices. Delicious curd casseroles, cottage cheese with herbs and garlic called "masilka", goat milk, delicacies from goat cheese, koumiss and other products. "Izbenko", the reviews confirm that the modern buyer is thinking about the composition of the products used, values ​​his reputation.

In such a simple product as children's yogurt,today many manufacturers add preservatives, thickeners, flavors, and in the composition of yogurt from the "Izbinka" - only milk and leaven. And the price does not differ significantly.

Quality control

For a natural dairy product, compulsorycondition - pasteurization and the availability of a certificate of conformity from Sanitary and Epidemiological Station. In search of "good" producers the director of "Izbenka" traveled the Moscow and Kaluga regions. Good quality was required at an affordable price: low prices, as a rule, indicate the presence of additives in the product. With one of the first suppliers there was an overlay: in sour cream and kefir appeared vegetable fats, which was confirmed in the laboratory. The trial dragged on for a year, but its outcome was in favor of the company "Izbenko: dairy products."

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Feedback from suppliers is ambiguous, not allarranges a number of stringent quality control measures. Work with each manufacturer in the "Izbenka" is conducted to "victorious" high-quality milk every day. Monthly, sometimes twice a month, the products of each manufacturer are tested in the laboratory. A new system of work with marriage was introduced. The corrupted parties return to the factory. For some manufacturers, the claims of "Izbenki" turned into checks and closings. For the addition of a preservative, antibiotics, the network immediately terminates the contract. The possibility of adding dry milk at each plant is checked on the production line, it should be physically impossible. Even the sellers became part of the system of product control in Izbinka: for the detected marriage an increase is added to the salary.

Where's the milk from? Suppliers

Today, the basic assortment in "Izbenko"they are supplied by 5 manufacturers, among them the plant "SAPK-milk", the agricultural firm "Optina", KFK "Nil". At less than the running positions (casseroles, goat's milk products, cheeses, koumiss) account for more than 10 producers. They supply up to half of their products to the network. Among the suppliers is the Presidential Farm, which sells all the products through Izbenka.

In the evening,worked out for the day, already in the morning on the shelves are fresh products "Izbenko". Feedback from suppliers about the network is positive. Cooperation is developing well. "Izbenka" does not overstate prices, does not require stretching the storage time. All goods are sold until five in the evening. This is the most correct approach to food products: they did it - they ate it, then they produced it again, depending on demand.

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Search of business partners

Andrei Krivenko is constantly expanding the circlesuppliers. The company has two specialists whose main job is to find new partners. They traveled the Moscow region, Yaroslavl, Smolensk, Tver, Tula region. The constant increase in sales leads at times to a shortage of raw materials! An example is the Kaluga region (enterprises - the main partners of Izbinka), where competition for milk between local producers developed.

The main channel for marketing "Izbenka" is to becomeit is impossible, the director believes, since the next refund strongly hits the manufacturer's pocket, sending up to 50% of milk in the network. But up to 30% of sales through the "Izbenka" - a more acceptable figure. Therefore, new business partners are a vital necessity for the "Groom".

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Reasonable prices

Healthy food is the products of the "Groom". Buyers' comments say that everything offered in the network is delicious, high quality and at an affordable price. How is it possible to maintain such price indicators? The fact is that this is a matter of principle for the company - a product that is accessible to the mass consumer. The director believes that the idea of ​​selling natural products is not new, but they usually offer such goods at inflated prices. The prices in "Izbenka" do not overtake other branded mass products, but keep at the level of the average market. This is possible due to low costs and a small extra charge. Selling prices from regional producers are quite acceptable. The staff of "Izbenka" has never been greater, a significant share in it is occupied by sellers. The cost of renting salesrooms is not high. The main costs are for transportation of products.

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The specifics of the work in Izbinka

One of the few networks that developed without advertising -this is the "Groom". Clients' feedback allowed to get interesting statistics: 30% of customers came to the store on advice of acquaintances, every day they visit "Izbenka" - 50%. The bulk of consumers are mothers with children and elderly people. Attract and retain such a client who, if anything goes wrong, will tell all his acquaintances, can only be attentive and benevolent attitude.

The assortment is specific, and without additionalskills sellers can not do. Any work, not just work in the "Izbenka", has its own difficulties. Feedback from employees can tell us about the need to constantly evolve to find an approach to customers. Vendors do not just "trade", they act as consultants, promoters, bringing to the potential customer the idea of ​​natural, fresh and delicious products. Sometimes tasting of products of "Izbinka" is conducted. Customer feedback is generally positive, and the customer service system suits the customers.

After a week of work, it becomes clear whethera new "Izbinka" store was successful. An average of every seventh point closes. The shops in the running places have a daily turnover of up to 40 thousand rubles, sometimes the revenue can be twice as much. Products delivered in the morning are sold during the day, balances for some product categories make up to a quarter of all goods. They usually "leave" the next day before lunch.

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Work in the "Groom". Employee feedback

The main criterion for future sellers is the director"Izbenki" sounded like this: the love of people. At first glance it is simple, but those wishing to get a job at them will have to undergo a rigorous selection. What are the characteristics of the selection of personnel in the metropolitan network and how do employees respond to it?

Among the retailers in Moscow is quite prestigiousis considered work in the "Groom". The responses of the sellers are varied, but mostly positive. Wages from 50 thousand rubles. arranges people. It is possible to receive and 100 thousand rubles each, for example, when starting new points. These working conditions do not mean that there are no problems with the staff. Not everyone is ready to work honestly, that's why there was a certain system of selection of personnel from several stages.

  • Training for applicants for two days. 30% of candidates are self-sifted, as they are not satisfied with the conditions and specificity of work in the "Izbinka" store. Feedback from employees who received trainings is generally positive.
  • Training. The selection is very strict: out of 10 people only 2 become sellers.
  • Probation.

The choice is usually not always in favor ofexperienced sellers, as they are difficult to retrain. Work and former teachers, managers, nurses in the stores "Izbinka". Feedback staff are different. Of the pluses, it is noted that the company is decent, the salary is white, without delay, processing pay, conduct activities for the work collective, motivation -% of the plan. From the negative sides - a complex work schedule (4/2 or 5/1, shift - 12 hours, sometimes more), few days off. At some points, poor working conditions, good points with high turnover fall only experienced workers who did not fulfill the plan of the newcomers go on dismissal.

Instead of concluding

It is estimated that the number of Muscovites wishing to purchasenatural dairy product, is at least 10%. Such a demand could not satisfy the available on the market offers - rare points and expensive online stores. Therefore, the products of Izbinka were so popular. Reviews of the network's products suggest that for residents of large cities, quality and simple products without additives have become a "breath of fresh air."