Binary robot. How to make money on options?

Progress does not stand still, popular tradebinary options makes significant steps towards automation. But the situation with the programs that should reduce the work of the trader to the minimum level of participation, is ambiguous. Therefore, it is worth a little insight into the essence of automated trading.

A binary option, what is it?

Before paying attention to the trading systems and automating the work with this tool, you need to understand what are options that fall into the binary category.

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Studying this terminology, it is necessary to drawattention to the fact that an option is, first of all, a contract on the basis of which you can buy or sell a basic asset. The period of time during which the transaction occurs is determined in advance.

Different brokers have a fixed levelthe yield may be slightly different. But if you try to explain very simply how to make money on options, then you can say that the outcome of the transaction depends on whether the trader has correctly determined the direction of the quotes movement or was mistaken. In other words, the main task of the player is to determine exactly where the chart will move. Here you do not need to calculate the number of points, only the direction. It is these terms of trade that explain the word "binary" (binary). After all, a trader has only two options.

How to make money on options - key techniques

This task may seem quite simple, because you only need to correctly determine one of the two directions. In fact, it is not so easy to get a stable profit with options.

Initially, it should be understood that on shorttimeframes the direction of the quotation can go in the most unpredictable direction. You can achieve a stable result only if you thoroughly examine the assets that were selected for trading and use auxiliary tools. We are talking about analytics, trading signals and other methods of determining the movement of the chart.

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But initially before you starttrade, you need to study the information within the topic "binary option - what is it?" Attention should be paid to the terms of trade, choosing a broker, deal with the characteristics of various assets and only then risk money. In other words, a novice trader should understand what he is doing and why, and not just press "up" and "down".

By the way, almost all brokers offer the possibility of testing their strategy on a demo account. Those who did not have experience in this area, it is better not to pass by such an offer.

How to choose a broker

From the choice of the company that will providethe possibility of trade, very much depends. Even with a sharp strategy and a deep understanding of the processes with which you have to deal, you need to be sure that the earned money will be withdrawn without surprises, and there will not be unexpected anomalies in the schedule.

In the selection process, the following evaluation criteria should be taken into account:

- a list of market-makers that are key liquidity providers for the selected broker;

- the number of types of trading operations, as well as the tools available to the trader;

- the presence of the legal status of the company, as well as licenses for financial activities and permits;

- access to demo accounts;

- providing the trader with additional materials and analytical tools;

- The broker should also conduct webinars to improve the skills of the trader and organize free training.

The process of assessing a specific company should be approached strictly. It will not be superfluous to search for reviews at specialized forums about a particular broker.

Details that are important to know for trade

To get stable results will help the options signals provided by both brokers who have an account opened, and third-party groups of traders.

 how to make money on options

In most cases, brokerage signalsare free. Such a kind gesture is conditioned by the desire of the company to attract new customers and to maintain the loyalty of those who are already trading. As for signals from the side, there are always both accurate data and information not worth mentioning among paid and free ones. Alas, you can find out with the signals of what quality you have to deal with, only in practice, by trial and error.

Also in the Internet space can be foundmany proposals concerning the automation of the trade process. One of the most common is the trading robot for binary options, which independently reads data from various indicators and platforms, and then determines the optimal solution that is relevant for a particular asset. It is about such programs and will be discussed below.

What is a trading robot

If you carefully study the topic of binary options,then it is not difficult to come to an obvious conclusion: for a successful trade, a trader needs to constantly process certain information flows. And it must be done competently, otherwise the analyst will be mistaken. Failure to comply with this key condition will be a tangible obstacle to sustainable earnings.

Thanks to the current technological progressperforming such tasks is automated, eliminating the trader from numerous analysis processes. This program is called a "binary robot". It should be noted that with its help you can not only determine the possible direction of the quotation, but also conduct trade without personal participation. In other words, a trader can deal with his own business, while an automatic binary option robot trades on the broker platform on his behalf.

Of course, such a perspective is very attractive, but before making a choice in favor of automation, it is worth more detailed study of the features of the work of such programs.

Why is it useful to use automation?

An increasing number of traders whoare oriented to work with binary options, they make a choice in favor of such a trade automation tool as a binary robot. Explain this solution can be tangible benefits that the use of such trade offers:

- Robots - this is an operating algorithm, which is not affected by emotions, fatigue and the need to sleep. Such a program works round the clock.

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- For such a trade different algorithms are used, which were previously tested and carefully selected.

- A binary robot created forsemiautomatic and automatic trading, is able to select the most favorable conditions for opening a deal among all available assets, various types of options and deadlines.

- Using robots means a high level of protection, because they directly connect to the trading server and thus are in the safe zone of the site.

- Automated Expert Advisors are able to concludetransactions very quickly, immediately after they fix favorable conditions. The trader can not always react to market fluctuations quickly enough, especially on short timeframes.

Taking into account the above advantages, it is easy to conclude that the use of automatic trading will become increasingly popular.

Types of robots

Concerning the topic of using automation intrading and especially in the work with binary options, it is worth paying attention to the fact that such programs may have some differences. If we take into account the features of the functional, then we can distinguish several types of robots:

1. Advisers.

These are semi-automatic programs that do notare designed for full-fledged independent trade. Their main task is to issue the most relevant solution for the trader. Thus, the player fully controls the trading process, but takes into account the data provided by the adviser.

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2. A binary robot provided by a broker.

In this case, it is worthwhile to understand that efficiencySuch programs largely depend on the fact that the company has to deal with. If we are talking about the so-called kitchen, which is focused on earnings by draining the deposits of its customers, then it is hardly worthwhile to count on a robot capable of leading to a stable earnings. In such a situation, the concept of "binary robot-divorce" will be more than relevant.

But in that case when the broker is checked andis aimed not only at attracting new customers, but also to work with regular players, it makes sense to consider the proposal for automating the trading process.

3. Automatic robots.

It's about a program that is capable ofindependently control the whole process of trading. This is the case when a trader can afford to run a purchased or free binary robot and go about his business. Such a perspective, clearly, looks bright. In fact, everything is somewhat different. The matter is that the market can change, owing to what actions of the robot it will be necessary to correct. Otherwise, by entrusting the program with your deposit for a long period, you can successfully say goodbye to it.

4. Paid robots.

Programs for trading binary options can beto buy on the Internet without using the services of a broker. There are many similar proposals in the network, and all, of course, are accompanied by a bright presentation. But here it is also worth forgetting about naivety and incorporating logic. If all the robots sold on the Internet are as good as they are described by the sellers, then many people would become fabulously rich. After all, binary options allow you to quickly increase capital, and with an exact strategy, you can dynamically overcome new levels of financial growth. Therefore, among the whole mass of proposals, we need to look for the best binary robots. In such searches, good assistants will beindependent specialized forums, where traders share their real experience of working with these or other programs. If you pay attention to the reviews, then some traders advise buying a German binary robot.

It is worth noting that if the robot wishes, you canwrite and yourself. If necessary, there is always the opportunity to contact the familiar programmers. But it is important to take into account that many platforms do not give access to their own production programs.


In order to understand the use of robots was more complete, it is worthwhile to give several examples of programs that have a certain popularity on the Internet:

  • MoneyBot.
  • AutoBinary.
  • Binary Option Robot.
  • U-BOT.

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Let's start with AutoBinary. This is an automated trading system thatis able to independently find trading signals and conclude deals. The trader does not even need to specify the parameters of the deal, everything will be done for him. Of course, if you analyze all the advantages that this binary robot possesses, the reviews seem superfluous, because it is obvious that a trader with such resources is doomed to success.

But in this barrel of honey there is still a fly in the ointment. The trader is not provided with information about exactly what algorithm is used in this program. That is, there is no way to know which signals AutoBinary uses and how it determines the best time to open a position. If we are talking about a link to an indicator, then at some point we should expect certain failures. That is, you can not completely trust this robot.

MoneyBot - this program is also positioned asan automated system that can both independently analyze and conclude deals. The description of the principles of signal formation on the project site is virtually nonexistent, which also leads the trader into a state of natural doubt. It is difficult to be sure of what you do not understand.

To start using the program, you need toregister on the resource where the robot is presented, after which the broker will be selected and commerce will begin. Settings allow you to change the amount of acceptable risk, as well as the number of transactions during the day.

U-BOT - The situation with the algorithm here is the same as that of the previous robots. Features of the program allow you to copy the actions of traders who have more than 60% of successful trades in their statistics.

Concerning BinaryOptionRobot, here in the first place attracts attentionservice. The program itself has a Russian interface, and the company that offers this product, guarantees the possibility of feedback and assistance both in the process of setting up the robot, and in trade.

The downside is that the number of brokers with which you can work is limited.

How to earn

Selecting binary robots for the IQ Option or registering with other brokers, you need to understand that such programs do not give an absolute result.

binary robots for iq option

Therefore, in order to have a positive resultafter using the Expert Advisor, it is necessary to choose options that allow you to understand the algorithm of the program's actions and find out which advisors are used to obtain trading signals. Indicators will also have to be checked for efficiency and efficiency.

It all seems a bit complicated, but differentlyset the optimal settings for the trade will also be difficult. A misconfigured robot or adviser with a mysterious algorithm can cause a sudden loss of the deposit.

In other words, do not expect that allindependently make a binary robot. Reviews also do not need to be ignored. This is one of the best ways to find a truly worthwhile product and understand the peculiarities of trading with his participation.


No matter, the German binary robot was purchasedtrader or free with unknown developers, the program still has to be controlled. Only in this case on binary options it will turn out to earn stably, instead of being content with a rare and unpredictable profit.