Seller: duties and features of work

The seller's profession is popular because ofrelatively low requirements for employees. Often this position is occupied by students during part-time work or persons who do not have higher education. Vacancies are always open, as the sphere of trade in our country is developed, and personnel for maintenance are always necessary. And yet we will try to understand more precisely, who is the seller? What kind of duties does this specialist have?

Profession of the seller

Seller Responsibilities
This work at first glance may seemeasy - only and it is necessary, that the goods to submit to buyers and money to recalculate. But in fact, everything is much more complicated. The main advantage - you can get into any industry and work with goods that you are interested in and in which you really understand. To date, the seller's profession in its pure form is rare, the most common sales consultants or salesmen-cashiers. How are they different from each other?

So, if the post is called simply a seller,duties of the employee - to place the goods in the hall or on the existing showcases, advise the buyers on the qualities and properties of the proposed products, help to make a choice and transfer purchases to the customer after payment.

Responsibilities of the seller in the store

The seller-consultant works on a similarscheme, but its main task - to talk in detail about all available products, recommend analogues. For comparison, an ordinary seller has the right to confine himself to information about the use and properties of an item, and to mention his manufacturer and expiration dates. And the consultant is obliged to give the information more detailed and exhaustive.

The seller-cashier, in turn, not onlyreleases the goods and advises the buyer, but also calculates. Accepts money from the buyer, knocks out or writes out a check and a guarantee card, issues a change.

What else do you need to know about this profession?

Now that we have sorted out the main responsibilitiesseller, it is clear that the main thing for representatives of this specialty is to know your goods well and be able to communicate with customers. In the profession, people should not go irritable and quick-tempered, we all know that buyers are different, and some may be groundlessly naughty or make a whole scandal. Reply the same seller has no right.

In any outlet there are ownrules, of course, and for each type of goods, there are special features of the sale. Since the seller of the duty can have very different, in order to avoid misunderstandings, even employees with extensive experience always undergo internship at job placement.

The main duties of the seller

How to become a good seller?

The seller's duties in the store may includeyourself packing the goods. It is advisable in advance, during the internship, to clarify with the senior seller what standards are in place at this outlet. Packaged in an individual package or container, all products sold for weight, or for piece products, packaging can be used in the event that the risk of damage to the packing container is high. For example, dairy products in soft packaging or household chemicals in cardboard packages can be transferred to the customer in a packing bag.

Has the seller duties are quite extensive, this is not an easy task, but at the time of work you can tie not one useful acquaintance.

If you still decided to come into this profession,try to communicate with all customers in a friendly manner and ignore those who are trying to quarrel with you specifically. And then from customers there will be no release, and this can bring material benefit to you and as a bonus from your superiors.