How to choose a name for horses?

You can admire the beauty of horses endlesslylong. Strong, graceful, beautiful animals seemingly do not rush, but soar in the air, occasionally touching the hoofs of the earth. Not in vain, horses are considered a symbol of freedom and elegance.

name for horses

At first glance, choose a name for horses at allnot difficult. However, experienced horse breeders know that when the foal is born, especially from purebred purebred parents, strict adherence to the regulations should be adhered to.

The name for horses in which the nobleblood, should begin with the initial letter of the mother's nickname. This rule is carried out rigorously in relation to all without exception breeds. In addition, the content in the name of at least one letter of the father's name is welcomed. For example, an excellent name for a horse-girl, whose parents are called Clever and Chaly, is Luck.

name for the horse girl

The number of characters contained in the nickname should not exceed 27, and in some breeds, including the Oryol trotter, this figure is 16.

As the nicknames should not be used the names of famous people, abusive and obscene words that offend the ear. The content of initials and numbers in the horse's name is not allowed.

The name for horses should not be repeated alreadyexisting, as well as the nicknames of horses, left the economy for any reason for 10 years. The names of stallions-producers can not be repeated 25 years after their death, the queens - 15 years.

The name of a thoroughbred horse is indicated in the passport, wherecontains other characteristics and records of parents, ancestors and their achievements. The document displays all the marks and individual features of the painting using a certain system of signs. Renaming a horse is not allowed.

what name give the horse

If the animal does not possess the qualities of purebred breed, the nickname is chosen arbitrarily, at the request of the owner. However, thinking about what name to give the horse, you need to approach this issue seriously.

The name should be euphonious. If a long intricate name has been chosen for the animal, it is permissible to use its short, capacious and sonorous form, to which the horse will respond. A stallion named Cabriolet can be called Caliber, and the mare Agrafena can be called a Count.


The name for horses must be positive,benevolent, since it has long been noted that the nature and behavior of the animal depend on this. It concerns not only horses, but also people, even writers and figures of show business take creative pseudonyms. The mare, called Laski or Baby, will be affectionate and obedient, which is especially good for learning to ride children's horses. A stallion bearing the nickname Whirlwind, Thunder or Typhoon will prove to be a fast and strong horse. Therefore, if the owner wants to make a horse a successful participant in horse races, it is worthwhile to give the stallion an appropriate name.

Horse of a light suit

Sometimes the color of a horse plays a role inchoosing a nickname. A black mare can be called a Night or Midnight, a mare of a red suit - Zarnitsa, Scarlet or Fiery. Popular names that speak about the marks and spots of the horse, - Asterisk, Arrow, Spot.

Calling a horse by one name or another, remember that in part you choose your favorite fate.