Job descriptions of the leading specialist. Typical job description: sample

Every employer is well aware of the importance offixing the employee's duties, the sphere of his professional responsibility. For this purpose, job descriptions for various positions are developed in the organization. There are a number of important points to consider here, because the job description is part of the labor agreement.

job descriptions of the lead specialist

Part of the employment contract

Instructions are not always given due importance, and in vain: they are mandatory and, in fact, the most serious part of the labor agreement between the employee and the employer.

Most often, a separate agreement is notsubscribes, they agree on the terms verbally and fasten the agreement with the order on employment, as required by law. The labor legislation quite seriously approaches to protection of the rights of the worker: to him can not attribute functions that are not related to the employment contract. That is why it is expedient for the employer to record what and how the employee should perform.

The best way to clarify the terms of employment of a hired person is to formulate job descriptions for him. The leading specialist functions differ from the duties of a specialist without a category.

Structure of job description

The form of such an important document is approved at the state level and is fixed in the qualification handbooks.

functional duties and duties

The legislator envisaged several obligatory sections:

  • general norms;
  • labor duties;
  • rights;
  • measure and conditions of responsibility;
  • what the employee should know;
  • skill level;
  • interaction within the organization.

Functional duties must containdetailed description of those labor duties that are assigned to the employee. If the instruction is prepared for a civil servant, then it is necessary to include both the norms of special legislation, special requirements for the candidate.

For example, the job description of a leading specialist in the administration of an urban settlement should include the obligation to file an income tax return each year.

An extensive category of specialists

In the qualification guides, the legislator has identified several categories of personnel:

  • leaders;
  • professionals;
  • specialists;
  • technical employees;
  • workers.

Types of jobs and positions are classified in different categories depending on the level of education and the scope of responsibility of employees.

development of job descriptions

The specialist is the most extensive category thatIncludes employees of various fields and specializations. In addition, the approved manuals allow you to vary the title of posts with the help of auxiliary words, for example, a senior specialist, a specialist (direction of activity).

Lead specialist - who is he?

Within a separate category, employees are rankedby level of qualification and professional experience. The professional level is usually determined by the results of certification, after which the employee is assigned the so-called category.

For specialists, qualification guides include:

  • the second category is the initial one;
  • first category;
  • Leading Specialist.

Remuneration of labor is categorized as follows:The higher the category, the higher the salary. Thus, the job descriptions of the lead specialist do not contain the functions of a manager, but include skilled work and a large measure of responsibility.

For example, the leadstaff can include such functions as methodological support for training employees or coordinating the actions of the department's specialists in the performance of personnel certification.

Development of job descriptions - on whom to assign?

On a small staff, developInstructions can be made by the direct supervisor and by the personnel specialist. If the staff is more, then the development of these documents is usually handled by the Personnel Management Department.

job description

Job descriptions of the leading specialist include jobs requiring higher qualifications, with a methodological and coordination direction.

Developed job descriptionssigned by a direct supervisor, agreed by a lawyer, a labor safety engineer, a human resources specialist and approved by the head of the enterprise.

Functional duties and official duties

Duties - an important component of the employment contractbetween the parties. The leading specialist and specialist of the 2nd category may be required to perform similar types of work. Taking into account the greater professional experience and qualification of the leading specialist, it is advisable to entrust more complex or non-standard work.

Functional duties and official dutiesduties - this, in fact, synonyms, different definitions of the scope of work of the employee. In a variety of job descriptions will help to orient the qualification guides for different industries.

The leading specialist and the beginner specialist can be adjusted to the same comb in the amount of work, but it makes sense to use the professional qualifications of the first, assigning him more complex functions.

Job description of the leading specialist of housing and communal services: sample

For example, consider the template for the instructions of the leading specialist working in the housing and communal services sector.

job description of a leading specialist

Below is the job description of the leading specialist in collecting debts for housing and communal services.

1. General Provisions

  • Leading specialist in recovery of debts for housing and communal services (hereinafter - the leading specialist) belongs to the category "Specialist".
  • The position of a leading specialist is assigned to a person with incomplete higher education (bachelor), with minimal or no requirements for length of service.
  • The lead specialist is recruited and dismissed with the order of the director (name of the organization).
  • In his work, the leading specialist is guided by laws, regulations and orders (specify in detail).

2. Official duties of the leading specialist

  • Provide constant monitoring of charges and payments to consumers for housing and communal services.
  • Timely to carry out measures to recover the arrears in payment for housing and communal services.
  • Monthly compile reports on the results of the work performed, etc.

3. Rights

Leading specialist has the right:

  • to submit proposals for improvement of activities to the management;
  • to participate in the discussion of issues concerning him, etc.

4. Responsibility

For failure to perform or improper performance of official duties stipulated by the instruction, the leading specialist is liable in accordance with the law.

5. Qualification requirements

Incomplete higher education (bachelor), work experience as a specialist of the 1st category - at least 1 year.

the instruction of the leading specialist in human resources

Must know:

  • Legislation in the sphere of housing and communal services.
  • Charter of the enterprise, collective agreement, orders for the enterprise, etc.

6. Interactions

The lead specialist interacts with the accounting department, the sales department, the legal sector, the logistics department and other divisions of the enterprise.

Signature of the head (Name)


Head of legal sector

signature (full name)


signature (full name)

What to look for when developing instructions

The development of job descriptions is a fairly responsible process. In order not to correct it later, it is necessary to pay attention to several important points:

duties of lead specialist

  • the names of the items must correspond to the classifier of professions;
  • functional responsibilities indicate in detail, with maximum compliance with actual work;
  • typical sections of the instruction must be observed;
  • It is desirable to leave the list of interactions with departments open, especially in large corporations.

The job descriptions of the lead specialist contain an expanded list of functions and additional requirements for the employee.

Thoroughly thought out and correctly issued job description can very much help the employer in difficult moments, and for the employee - to clarify and limit the scope of his responsibility.