Automobile plant "Ural": history, production, products

Automobile plant "Ural" (OJSC "UralAZ")is the leader in the production of off-road trucks in Russia. The enterprise produces ready-made equipment and chassis with all-wheel drive 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8. Automobiles have won respect due to unique patency, worthy of quality and simplicity of management.

Automobile plant Ural OJSC

Pages of History

Automobile plant "Ural" is formed inChelyabinsk region on the basis of one of the divisions of the Moscow Automobile Plant during the war. Evacuated to Miass foundry and automotive production plants with heroic efforts of the enterprise workers were converted into a full-fledged automobile plant, where the legendary ZIS trucks were manufactured so necessary to the front and post-war economy.

The produced models of "ZIS" -5V, "UralZIS" -355M,"UralZIS" -355B though gained the status of legendary due to widespread use, however they were not distinguished by advanced technologies and ease of operation. The government considered that it is unacceptable to produce such obsolete models, while the country has already successfully launched spacecraft. Designers were commissioned to accelerate the design of a modern all-wheel drive truck. Engineers brilliantly coped with a difficult task. In 1961, the Miass Automobile Plant Ural launched the Ural-375 series, which won the VDNKh diploma and became the base model for the next decades.

Miass Automobile Plant Ural

Off-road king

The truck "Ural-375" differs unsurpassedpassability and is actively maintained to the present. It became the base car in the Soviet, and then in the Russian army. The model has many modifications for the transport of personnel, transportation of goods and weapons, it is used as a chassis for communications systems, Grad rocket launchers, mobile stations, tank trucks, truck cranes, etc. Over the years, the Ural automobile plant has produced over 110,000 units.

In the national economy, "Ural-375" was not usedless active, especially in remote areas. If the army uses a gasoline engine with high fuel consumption, in civil modifications, there are economical powerful units YaMZ-238 and YaMZ-236.

Automobile Plant Ural

Modern production

Automobile plant "Ural" (OJSC "UralAZ") withhonor overcame difficult for the economy 90-ies. After 75 years from the date of foundation, he remains the leader in the segment of all-wheel drive trucks. This is facilitated by regular programs for modernization, the use of high-performance equipment, competent leadership. Since 2004, UralAZ has been introducing a new production system based on three pillars:

  1. The maximum quality.
  2. Minimum execution time.
  3. Minimum costs.

When developing new products in the Uralssystem "quality gate": it allows you to rationally manage the planning, development and production of products. Quality control is carried out by randomly selecting a finished car. All its systems and mechanisms are thoroughly tested. Automobile plant "Ural" cares about consumers and after the sale of cars. In the regions of Russia and the CIS, a dealer network and service centers operate.

New technologies

Last years Automobile factory "Ural" (Miass)Pay special attention to the design of trucks. In particular, the cab of the boneless layout is developed. It allows to increase the smoothness of the stroke, improves visibility and controllability by shifting the center of mass of the body to the center of mass of the chassis. The hoodless cabin with the help of a four-point suspension using spring-mechanical shock-absorber racks is placed above the motor. The driver's seat is equipped with a pneumatic suspension, the steering column is adjustable. The dispenser has an electropneumatic control, which reduces the level of vibrations and noise. In particular, the cockpit cab is used in the new truck families "Ural-5323" and "Ural-63/65".

Automobile plant Ural Miass


UralAZ produces trucks of several directions. The army family is represented by various modifications of unarmored and armored vehicles. Cars of the civil family are widely used for construction, development of resource-extracting industries, and in agriculture. Special machinery on the basis of the "Ural" has more than 200 items.

Since 2015, the Automobile Plant "Ural" producesa brand new family of civilian trucks "Ural-Next". The cars received an updated design on the basis of the GAZ-Next cabins, developed by the United Engineering Center of the GAZ Group of companies. This allowed to unify the production base and significantly reduce costs. In general, Ural-Next received more than 50 technological changes. On all modifications, the YaMZ-536 engine is put.

The Ural Automobile Plant looks confidently into the future. As the leader in the production of army trucks, the enterprise is gradually mastering the niche of civilian models and special equipment. Export accounts for one third of the total sales.