Plan for writing a business plan (example)

Every successful entrepreneur with confidencecan declare that a competently drawn up business plan acts as one of the most important elements in the formation of one's own business. Understanding how to properly design a future enterprise, you can predict a positive result when you contact a credit institution or an investor. Let's consider the basic rules of writing a business plan.

plan for writing a business plan

Purpose of the document

Writing a business plan (an example of a project will bediscussed below) can be implemented in various ways. For this, there are various methodological recommendations and manuals. However, in most of them, the information is very specific and understandable only to economists or accountants. At the same time, all start-up entrepreneurs need to draw up a business plan. The document is necessary for submission to the credit organization, obtaining a loan from the investor for the development of the business at the initial stages. In addition, the business plan allows you to see the immediate and upcoming goals, to predict the capital investment at a particular stage of the enterprise development, to foresee the moment when the first profit is received, to calculate the total income from the activity.

Specificity of enterprises

To obtain a loan for the construction of a plant orfactories are more appropriate to contact the relevant organizations that can provide expert assistance in writing a business plan. In this case, the document will contain economic calculations and be supported by financial documents drawn up according to all rules for their execution. Business plan, drawn up in this way, you can, without hesitation, send both to foreign investors and to domestic credit companies. However, in this case it should be understood that the services for the design of the project of the future enterprise will not be cheap. To open a mobile outlet or a repair point for clothes or shoes, for example, there is no need to study in detail the investment climate or calculate industry risks. In this case, it will be sufficient to organize production competently, to determine the sales market, to predict the payback period of the enterprise. The program for writing a business plan for such an activity will be clear to the novice entrepreneur.

program for writing a business plan

Important point

Entrepreneurs who have a lot of experiencein the conduct of business, do not recommend unconditionally rely on the experience of acquaintances or friends and only on your intuition. The forecasting of activity does not appear as an obsolete component of socialist reality. Planning is an important element of modern business. Analysis of payback periods, determination of periods of investment, development and subsequent returns are the most important aspects, even with a relatively low capital investment. Concepts such as "market" and "plan" are fundamental in the East and the West. At the present stage of development of the economy it is enough to adopt the experience of successful companies and get positive results.

Sample of writing a business plan

The project of the future business is necessary for the investor,credit organization, as well as the entrepreneur himself. The structure of writing a business plan includes a number of mandatory items. These include, in particular:

  • introduction;
  • short description of the future enterprise;
  • characteristics of services / products;
  • assessment of the market for marketing, competition, investment risks;
  • plan for the formation of production;
  • forecasts for the sale of services / goods;
  • financial plan;
  • organization of management;
  • staffing;
  • attachment.

rules of writing a business plan

Adaptation to the Russian market

The above plan for writing a business planrecommended by Western analysts. However, in the practice of domestic business, some of its items require clarification and additional decoding. So, taking into account the specifics of the Russian business sphere, a section should be included in the plan for writing a business plan, which reveals an adequate understanding of the problems and issues concerning the quality of services and goods. Here it is necessary to give possible solutions. Also, in the plan for writing a business plan, it is expedient to include a clause describing the ability to competently manage and regulate the cost of services / products. In the same section, it is worth revealing ways to ensure its competitiveness. Another additional point will be a clear vision of the prospects for the development of the enterprise, guarantees in the ability to bring the matter to an end.

help in writing a business plan

Plan for writing a business plan: independent work

First of all, we should clearly assessthe competitiveness of the proposed services or goods, analyze the sales market, the timing of obtaining the first profit, the time during which the investment will pay for itself. The next stage will be the determination of the amount of necessary capital investments. Experts recommend dividing the investment into several parts, supporting the justifications with the appropriate calculations. Given the above points, it should be understood that the self-made business plan may radically differ from the above structure. It should also be noted that the form of the project, regulated by norms and standards, does not exist. Each entrepreneur has the right to independently establish a list of items, the volume of documentation for the planning of the enterprise. However, if external investment is required to open a business, one should still adhere to the above scheme.

writing a business plan example


This section of the business plan is apresentation of the future enterprise. It is necessary to describe the type of activity in an accessible form for understanding in the most optimistic light. It often happens that the introduction is the only section that the investor itself reads and makes a decision immediately - to take the project into development or to reject it. The study of the remaining parts, in which calculations are displayed, market research, financial justification, he will instruct his specialists. However, as practice shows, it is the introduction that decides the fate of the project. This section should be short and capacious at the same time.

Characteristics of the industry and enterprise

This is the next important part of the business plan. This section gives a general description of the enterprise and industry:

  • Financial indicators.
  • Staffing.
  • Direction of activity.
  • Company structure.
  • List and description of services / products.
  • Prospects for development and so on.

sample of writing a business plan

The section must contain characteristicsprospective production, a number of technological aspects. These points should be described in a simple and accessible language. There is no point in going into the terminology, using professional style. In this case, it is sufficient to point out the uniqueness of services or products, the demand in the near and foreseeable future. You can also draw the investor's attention to the advantages of the proposed products.

Marketing research

Here it is necessary to describe the conditions under whichconsumers become customers of the enterprise. The section outlines the methods of stimulating sales, forming a positive image, the distribution of services / goods. The marketing plan includes a list of advertising costs. In essence, one should justify how and why consumers will purchase a service or goods.


This section should describe the technologicalprocesses. Here, the characteristics of the premises are given, the established requirements for equipment and personnel are indicated. The production plan should also describe suppliers and contractors.

structure of writing a business plan

Organization of the enterprise and financial component

A business plan must contain a characteristic of the formmanagement, tasks of specialists of the administrative apparatus. For the domestic investor it is important to have a summary for each member of the management department. In this regard, in this section it is worth mentioning the partners, noting the most truthfully and objectively the contribution of each of them to the development of the enterprise, the functional duties and role in the company. In the financial part, economic calculations are given. In particular, a table of incomes and expenses is drawn up, a balance is projected, variable and direct costs are specified, costing is performed, and so on. Usually in this section three forecasts are developed: realistic, optimistic and pessimistic. They are displayed in the form of graphs.