Sleeve for welding semiautomatic device: device

Entering the market of compact devices forsemi-automatic welding and their high popularity contributed to the expansion of the application of welding in virtually all spheres of human life. So, by means of semiautomatic various car body repairs of cars are carried out. Welding is also used in industrial or private construction. With their application, various metal structures are produced.

sleeve for welding semi-automatic
In the process of working with the device someaccessories have a property to wear out and come into disrepair. One of these components of this equipment is a sleeve for a welding semi-automatic machine. In the process of operation, the elements are subject to various external factors:

  • High temperatures during welding.
  • Drops of molten metal.
  • Scratches.
  • Various inflections.

Inside the sleeves, its guides are abradedwire, which is fed to the welding zone. Naturally, all these influences adversely affect the device and disable it. Often, the sleeve for a semi-automatic welding machine breaks down first.


Modern manufacturers today offer twotype of welding sleeves. It can be directly the sleeve or the burner. In this case, the appearance of these products does not differ from each other. Both these names denote the same accessory.

So, a welding torch-sleeve semi-automaticconsists of three basic elements. This is directly the burner, the sleeve, and also the connectors for their connection. Unfortunately, now it is difficult to find sleeves separately. But you can buy almost all the components of the structure or find analogs.


So, the sleeve for the welding semi-automatic consists offrom the rubber sheath. Under it is a fairly complex stuffing. Since for semi-automatic welding special wire is required, in the welding sleeve there is a complex system. It is a guide channel that feeds the spiral. Also inside can be a tube made of Teflon. The firms that produce components for welding, can be a different device of the sleeve of a welding semi-automatic.

welding sleeve for a semi-automatic machine with their own hands
Also for the work process is necessaryshielding gas. A separate hose is used to feed it. Depending on which brand and model the machine is, the process of transporting and feeding the wire and gas to the working area may be different. Together with co-axial there is a parallel type.

Inside the sleeve there is also a positivepower cable from welding to transformer. This cord goes to the current tip located on the burner. There are also two thin wires. They are connected to the start button.


A sleeve for a semi-automatic welding machine is necessary forwire feeding, by means of which the process of metal welding is carried out. The component is fed via a transport mechanism. The hose is also designed to provide the burner with inert or active gases. This makes it possible to protect the weld seam from oxidation formation. The power cable passes through the sleeve. It serves to power the welding arc; the second end goes to the start button.


A sleeve for a semi-automatic welding machine is an expendable material, or more precisely, a spiral that is responsible for feeding a wire. Also this part is called the feed channel, the guide element.

the device of a sleeve of a welding semiautomatic device
As materials for its productionWire or tape made of steel is used. However, the latter can be made of plastic. The wire or tape is wound in the form of a spiral. Further, it is covered from the outside with insulating materials.

Due to the fact that the wire constantly rubs againstthe inner surface of the sleeve, the inner elements are actively worn out. This is also facilitated by dust and dirt that gets inside with the wire. Particularly active wear affects the channel, if the work is carried out by aluminum wire. For work with aluminum material, teflon tubes are used.

These guide channels are "consumables", which must be periodically changed. A gas hose is also subject to replacement. He is prone to breaks.

Reasons for an element to fail

If the sleeve of a semi-automatic welding machine with a mechanicalthe valve has failed or the device has been mechanically damaged, the part needs repair or replacement. In order not to spend extra money, first you need to diagnose the node.

welding torch sleeve semi-automatic
If the welding seam turns out to be substandard, thenit directly depends on the condition of the sleeve. A bad seam can be caused by jamming the wire inside the element or by an insufficient amount of gas. Both reasons are the basis for replacing the sleeve separately, or together with the burner. The latter option is rarely used. Most often buy one new element, or make a welding sleeve for a semi-automatic machine with their own hands.

Market offers and prices

The cost of the part from the kit together with the burnerstarts from one and a half thousand rubles. The most expensive device costs about 12 thousand. Channels for transporting wire will cost a maximum of 200-400 rubles.

self-made sleeve for a semi-automatic welding machine
If you need a Teflon tube, it's worth ita maximum of 500-1000 rubles. Sleeves of domestic production can be purchased for 20-40 rubles. for each running meter. The diameter of this hose is 6.3 mm. Therefore, it is not necessary to purchase a sleeve. From purchased consumables it is possible to make an excellent homemade sleeve for a welding semi-automatic machine.

How to choose

When buying kits for semi-automaticwelding, it is necessary to take into account several important factors. So, you need to know the model of the device and its functions. It can be work in inert or active gases, argon-arc welding or work with a flux-cored wire. It is necessary to consider how the connecting elements are arranged. The most popular option is KZ-2. Important and ergonomic characteristics of the burner. The handle should sit comfortably in the hand, and the button should be of sufficient size.

When choosing it is worth paying attention to the diameterwire, for which this or that device is intended. With ordinary welding devices use wire with a diameter of 0.6 to 1.6 mm. But specific devices can work with narrower size ranges - for example, 0.2-0.6 mm.

sleeve semi-automatic welding with mechanical valve
An important point in the selection - the maximum current and thickness of the sleeve. Optimal for any welding work - 3 mm. But on sale you can find products and longer.

Gas Hose Selection

If it is necessary to replace not only the sleeve forwire feed, but also the hose, it is important when choosing to pay attention to the marking and color of the element. For gases such as argon and helium, elements designed for pressures of up to 0.6 MPa are used. Domestic products should be marked in accordance with GOST 9956-75. The hose for oxygen work must comply with the 3 rd class. The permissible operating pressures of this element are up to 2 MPa. This hose is blue.


This is all you need to know about welding sleeves, their replacement, selection and purchase. Home masters often replace branded hoses with shirts from bicycle cables or from the speedometer cable.