Where to buy sulfuric acid? Places of sale and advice

Not all substances and reagents are todayare in free retail. One of these hard-to-find names is sulfuric acid. Let's consider in this article, with what it is connected and where it is possible to get it in the Russian cities.

Sulfuric acid is ... Transportation, storage

Interested in where you can buy sulfuric acid,First of all, let us recall the properties of this dangerous substance for man. Sulfuric acid is a variant of a strong dibasic acid, its formula is H2SO4. In Russia this mixture of sulfur trioxide with wateris produced according to GOSTs 667-73, 2184-77, 4240-77. The production of this heavy oily liquid, which does not possess either color or odor, suggests several of its varieties, which differ in their purity and concentration.

Sulfuric acid has the following important properties:

  • Specific gravity - 1.85 g / cm3 (for an ideal 100% sulfuric acid - 1.92 g / cm23; but such a substance has a significant disadvantage - it freezes at -10 degrees Celsius).
  • The boiling point is +296.5° Celsius, the crystallization point is + 10.45 ° Celsius.
  • At a concentration of up to 70%, only water vapor is released during the heating and boiling of this acid. With a higher content of H2SO4 Also harmful acidic discharges enter the air.
  • Explosion and fire hazardous substance.When in contact with water, you should be afraid of a violent reaction, as a result of which gases, vapors, and heat are released. Therefore, when working with sulfuric acid, you need to have special clothes, shoes, a set of individual chemical protection.

where to buy sulfuric acid

Deliver to the end user sulfuricacid both by road and rail. Special sulfuric acid packagings (for technical sulfuric acid) or acid-resistant tanks (for improved H2SO4).

At storage it is necessary to remember that sulfuric acid is a toxic substance belonging to the second class of danger. Extremely safe vapor concentration H2SO4 - 1 mg / m3. Before deciding where to buy sulfuric acidacid (technical), you need to buy a special container for its storage. In the production premises it is additionally covered with acid-resistant brick.

Application of sulfuric acid

The main consumers of sulfuric acid are metallurgical enterprises, woodworking plants, chemical industry. It is used for:

  • purification of petroleum products from sulfur inclusions;
  • decomposition of ore;
  • removal of scale before galvanizing wire, metal sheets;
  • nickel plating, chromium plating of metal surface;
  • production of medicinal products (concentrated solution in organic synthesis);
  • production of fertilizers (this industry consumes about half of all produced sulfuric acid in the country);
  • manufacturing of artificial fiber;
  • production of ethyl alcohol;
  • the production of aniline dye.

where you can buy sulfuric acid

Private persons who are interested in where to buy sulfuric acid, mainly use it as an electrolyte for acid batteries.

Where to buy sulfuric acid

In pharmacies sulfuric acid is not sold in principle.An individual can purchase its non-concentrated solution (30-35%) in stores that sell auto parts and auto chemical goods. More concentrated solutions are precursors, which are not sold legally to natural persons.

sulfuric acid where to buy at the pharmacy

Before you find out where to buy sulfuric acid, we will give advice from people who have made such an acquisition.

Buying Tips

So, it is important to keep in mind the following:

  1. In rare cases, a private person will be sold a large amount of this substance - it should be purchased little by little, from different suppliers.
  2. In case of impossibility of purchase it is possible to try to evaporate H2SO4 from the electrolyte. The maximum density in this case will not be more than 1.4 g / cm3. Evaporation is carried out in a porcelain container on a sand or gypsum bath. In no event can this process be carried out indoors.
  3. Remember that the sale of sulfuric acid is undercontrol, since this substance is used for the production of drugs, as well as improvised explosives. Even if you acquire it for innocent experiments or for refueling the auto accumulator in rather large quantities, this can cause unnecessary suspicion.

 where to buy concentrated sulfuric acid

Where you can buy sulfuric acid in Moscow

In the capital to buy sulfuric acid can be in:

  • "Himmede";
  • "Sigma-Tek";
  • online store of JSC "Himservice";
  • OOO Component-Reactiv;
  • OdiKhim ltd;
  • in OOO "Mega-chemical" (technical, battery, chemically pure) - the company does not work with private traders.

 where you can buy sulfuric acid in Moscow

Sale of sulfuric acid in Russian cities

Where to buy sulfuric acid in other Russian cities, we will consider in the summary table.

Volgograd"Reagent"Chemically pure
Ekaterinburg"Service Steel"Technical, GOST 2184-2013
Irkutsk"KP" Crocus "Technical, canisters 35 l
KazanAPF "Alfa"Rechargeable
KrasnodarNPF "Nitpo"Accumulator, technical
Kursk"KurskKhimProm"HP, improved
Nizhny Novgorod"Hemix"Wholesale: regenerated, technical, HP, rechargeable
Nizhny Novgorod"Trade House" ProfChem "Technical sulfuric acid
NovosibirskSPTTechnical acid in cans of 10 liters
Novosibirsk"VitaKhim Sibir"GOST 2184-77
St. Petersburg"Kapitalkhim Industry"Wholesale and retail. Delivery
Simferopol"Khimregionnash"Chemically pure
Tolyatti"Oil Transportation"Improved
Ulan-Ude"Khimprom"Rechargeable, 36 l
UfaOpen Company DOPTechnical
Cheboksary"Ideal Group"GOST 4204-77
Chelyabinsk"Technochemistry"Technically clean in canisters of 18 liters

Where to buy concentrated sulfuric acid? A "sick" question for a private person. In most cities in free retail trade, only 30-35% are battery solutions.