Isabellus color of a horse is rare

How often does the Isabella horse suit?The price of horses of such a "color" is high (about 350-480 thousand rubles for an adult horse with a pedigree), hence, animals colored in this way are quite rare. Indeed, when you first look at the horse, you get the impression of something fabulous, regardless of the breed, because this color can be either a large heavy truck or an elegant Arabian horse.


Isabellic color of a horse appears on the basis ofgenetically bay or black color. About what gene the white handsome men bring, you can learn from the color of her ancestors, and often the descendants, because not every isabella horse brings foals to her suit. Most often, the animals of this noble exterior are obtained from two villains or a pair of solitary parents, each of which carries the required gene. Foals at birth have light eyes and light wool, on which there are white marks, peziny. After moulting, young horses will acquire their true color, and this is their difference from full albinos, which will remain snow-white.

The Isabella of the horse suggests thatThe animal has a trunk with a pink and milky coat, which reflects well the shades of the environment. Those. cloudy day the horse will be greyish tones, and at sunset can shimmer with exotic orange. The tail and mane are usually the same color as the body, but can be slightly darker or lighter. The breed standard allows the legs in the area of ​​the wrist joint (above and below) to be slightly darker. Sometimes horses have a weakly marked "belt" along the ridge, which indicates a "wild" type.

Isabella Horse Color Photo

Isabellic color of horse has eyesabsolutely exotic shade. Instead of the standard brown, the iris can be painted green or blue, which looks especially impressive against the background of light wool. Animals of this color are a sample of incomplete albinism. They have pink skin, like albinos, but painted irises, while white-colored horses have dark skin, and full albinos are red eyes caused by zero pigment content.


Izabellovaya color of the horse got its name,as assumed from the shirt of Queen Isabella, which the crowned person wore, without removing a long time during the vow. Horse with such color look very rich, which rivets to them additional attention in competitions and events. However, for life outside of luxury stables, such color is considered undesirable, because it is assumed that partial albinos are more vulnerable to the environment because they lack a number of pigments.

Izabellovaya horse color, photo of whichshows how beautiful such a steed can be, until recently had many enemies. Owners of animals were often denied registration of their pets in pedigree books because of the rare color. However, in recent years the situation has changed, and in the USA, for example, the registration of Isabella tribal horses among quoretkhos began, as well as in the association of Palomino owners.