Organization of labor protection in the enterprise

Since the management of any company is responsiblefor the health and life of its personnel, the organization of labor protection in the enterprise is one of the most important aspects that must be taken into account at the stage of registration of the company as a legal entity. Its main provisions are set out in official documents, designed in such a way as to protect each employee as much as possible from possible injuries of various kinds.

Organization of labor protection in the enterprise in the firstthe turn involves an initial briefing, a thorough study of safety at each level of management. The labor safety engineer instructs the heads of individual units, who then conduct training and follow-up supervision of the persons under their control.

In addition, to ensure safetyQualified specialists carry out the organization of the labor protection service at the enterprise. Employees of this unit are trained in specialized educational institutions, including theoretical acquaintance with the material and practical application of knowledge in extreme conditions. As a mandatory requirement for employment, a clear knowledge of safety standards is put forward, which must be observed in any organization.

What is labor protection? In the most general sense, this is a set of measures aimed at maximizing the improvement of working conditions, minimizing injuries during working hours, as well as insurance for occupational diseases or accidents. The qualitative implementation of the above tasks can only guarantee the formation of an appropriate department of highly qualified specialists.

So, as already noted, the organization of protectionlabor at the enterprise involves carrying out a briefing, which can be classified according to the periodicity criteria for the introductory, primary, unscheduled and current. The introductory type is carried out directly at the acceptance of a specialist for any position, conducted by his safety engineer. The same conversation should pass and students who are practicing, and professionals who have arrived at the enterprises on a business trip. As a rule, this consultation is held in the conference room using the latest information technology. But before that, an expert is required to develop a specific plan or program, which he will follow throughout his speech. This plan is preliminarily approved by the employees of the trade union committee.

The primary type of briefing is conducted with eachemployee, moving to another job or a new position, as well as with all employees and students who first visited a particular workshop. It involves familiarization with the main provisions of the instruction on labor protection. After six months of work, a re-training is conducted to determine how clearly and clearly the specialist has learned the established rules and safety standards, and also to make sure that he observes them.

Labor protection consultations are heldunplanned in case of changes in the main norms and standards, restructuring and modernization of fixed assets, in the situation of massive violation of established rules. The current briefing is carried out regularly with a certain periodicity for employees of all positions. Usually it is carried out massively, that is, with groups of persons performing homogeneous duties.

In conclusion, we can say that the organizationoccupational safety and health at the enterprise is the most important factor affecting the efficiency index of production activities. Therefore, company managers should pay special attention to the formation of relevant departments and training of specialists.