Job descriptions of the cleaner. Not everything is as simple as it seems

It would seem that there is no labor of a lower-paid andless prestigious. However, this is a common misconception. In self-respecting cleaning companies (that is, those who are engaged in professional cleaning of premises) when hiring, there is a fairly strict selection.

job descriptions of the cleaning woman
Personnel not only need to have certainminimum personal culture. The job description of a cleaner may imply the use of professional equipment, a certain order of performance of work, observance of the level of secrecy.

In Russia, it is commonly believed that washing the sexes to learndo not. However, the job description of a cleaner in a serious company implies the ability to deal with different types of surfaces, including floor surfaces. Large supermarkets use special equipment. Cleaning companies in the cleaning worker's job descriptions also include carpet cleaning, parquet polishing.

job of the cleaner
Dust in expensive modern offices is already unacceptablewipe with a rag. For each surface of furniture, there are cleaning agents. Polished or glass table should shine, it can not remain grooves of dust or streaks. The job descriptions of a cleaning woman may include compliance with certain rules for handling objects and documents in the office of the boss. After all, very often we are talking about important and secret papers that not only can not fall into the hands of strangers, but in general should not be available to anyone.

The official duties of the cleaner, therefore,depend primarily on the characteristics of the enterprise and the nature of the premises. In clinics and hospitals will need to comply with different levels of cleanliness and sterility of the chambers, operating rooms, public spaces. Overalls and equipment are also used depending on the characteristics of the premises. In large supermarkets for the cleaning of large surfaces, a bucket and a rag have long been used, but washing machines, which can only be serviced by trained personnel.

duties of the cleaner
It is not necessary to mention that the duties ofthe cleaner will include subordination, observance of discipline, neat appearance, cultural behavior towards other employees and guests of the enterprise.

In many office buildings, washing windows is donespecialized firms with special equipment. The job descriptions of the cleaning woman should include not only the way of opening and closing the premises (it should be taken into account who and when turns on the alarm, who leaves the office last, who is responsible for switching off the appliances), but also what exactly and how it should be cleaned. For example, high windows on the upper floors should not be washed by people who have not received special training, who do not have safety gear and equipment. Such a violation of safety regulations can cost the lives of personnel and lead to the responsibility (up to criminal) of the leadership. The use of cleaning and disinfecting agents, methods of dealing with certain surfaces and premises should be spelled out separately. The fact that the cleaning lady is a materially responsible person and to what extent will depend on the specific working conditions at the enterprise.