Ural-5323: technical specifications

The truck with the raised passableness"Ural-5323" has an individual wheel formula - 8 x 8 x 4. It is assembled at an automobile plant located in the city of Miass, in the Urals. It is widely used in the Russian Armed Forces, and is also used by specialized services.

History of the model

In the Soviet Union much attention was paid totechnique, designed to increase the strength and power of their own army. The Miass auto plant for a long time was engaged in the development and manufacture of multi-purpose off-road vehicles that could withstand American cargo vehicles. Such conditions were required because of the longstanding confrontation between the two great powers, the USSR and the United States.

Ural 5323

The first experimental model of Ural-5323came to the attention of the inspectors from the Central Committee in 1985. The load-carrying capacity of the car was 9 tons, the KamAZ-7403 10 V 8 engine with a turbo-charging was used. Its power was 260 horsepower at 190 kW. The five-speed transmission and two-stage distribution made it universal for movement on the highway and off-road. In addition, the balanced suspension, as well as the adaptive tire pumping system, increased its uniqueness.

The first "Ural-5323", technical characteristicswhich in a sense become prototypes for the creation of subsequent modifications, is currently in Ryazan. There it is presented as an exhibit of the museum of military automotive equipment. In the future, the models were improved, and for their production, not only eight- but also light-weight six-cylinder engines began to be used. This served as an impetus to the creation of subsequent upgraded modifications of the car, created in the Soviet era.


The car "Ural-5323", technicalwhose characteristics for the entire history of production have changed more than once, has well proven itself as a reliable and unpretentious cargo cross-country off-road vehicle. The first models were equipped with engines from Naberezhnye Chelny and the same cabs. After some time, the plant management makes a decision to install the power unit YMZ-238-B, as well as YaMZ-7601.

Ural 5323 specifications

In 1995, the "Ural-5323" was installedImport cabin with improved comfort for the driver and passenger IVECO. Many years of practice showed an advantage over the domestic option and served as a development for the further use of Italian components.

Production Difficulties

Cargo Army All Terrain Vehicle "Ural-5323"The four-wheeler, which first descended from the assembly line in 1989. From this date it is considered to be the beginning of the serial production of this model. Despite the fact that it received a positive evaluation of military specialists, it was not possible to establish a stable serial production of the car. The reason for the complexity of the installation, which was not adapted to the production of the chassis together with the cabin from the "KamAZ". This affected the fact that the production of the machine was very slow. In addition, there were constant problems with the lack of engines.

With the beginning of the next decade, the plant plansstart production of Ural-5323 units with diesel engines of the Kustanai plant. Plans are not destined to translate into reality. This is hampered by the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Ural 5323 four-poster carriage

In early 1993, the situation at the plantIt is getting better, the car's release continues. But everything comes to an end after a fire at a motor plant in Naberezhnye Chelny, which destroyed all the shops. Only by the beginning of next year there is a way out. ATVs are adapted to the eight-cylinder engine "YAMZ" with turbo-supercharging.

Merger of grandees

Due to the fact that in 1994 there was a merger of several grants, a new company appeared, named "Iveco-UralAZ". It was formed from such corporations:

  • The Ural Automobile Plant.
  • Italian company IVECO.
  • "RAO Gazprom" (Russia).

Ural 5323 reviews

The new enterprise was engaged in productioncars with the use of joint developments in this direction. The first example, descended from the assembly line, was the self-titled truck, which was fitted with an Italian cab. Unfortunately, it was not possible to deliver it to the place where it was planned to conduct the tests. During transportation, the car cabin was damaged.


After a failed start, the enterprisetime was inactive. Only by the beginning of 2000 it starts the conveyor production of the Ural-5323 car. Reviews about him are mostly positive. This is due, first of all, to the fact that most of the design of the model was already familiar to the consumer under the previous modifications. The use of a new comfortable cab allowed to significantly improve the appearance of the machine and create some convenience inside it.

chassis Ural 5323 62 specifications

From this moment, several modifications of cars were made, among which are the following:

  • "Ural-532365". Due to the fact that the cabin was shifted forward and downward, there was an increase in the operational space below it.
  • The chassis "Ural-5323-62", the technical characteristics of which we are considering, made it possible to transport goods weighing more than 16 tons.
  • On the basis of the previous models, modifications 632341 with all-wheel drive and 652301 with a lifting capacity of 18.5 tons were developed.

Military cars

Since trucks of high cross-country capacity of this modification were mainly produced for the needs of the army, a whole line of models was developed for this operation:

  • "Ural-532303" - the first domestic cargo armored car.
  • REM KL - repair-evacuation truck.
  • "Avalanche-Hurricane" - water.
  • "Pantsir-S1" is an antiaircraft-cannon missile system.
  • ТОР М1ТА - anti-aircraft missile system.
  • MSTA-K is a self-propelled howitzer.
  • SKO-10K - station for purification and preparation of drinking water.
  • PP-91 and PP-2005 - cars for the pontoon park, used to create mobile crossings.
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