Technical characteristics of the Nissan Almera classic - a popular car

Nissan Almera - a relatively inexpensive carclass C, reliable and constructively settled. It is produced already for 18 years, since 1996. It is the successor to the popular Nissan Sunny at the time, from which Almera inherited two unified engines - 1.3 and 1.6 liters. The engines were immediately modernized, almost forced, and now their capacity is 76 and 92 liters. from. In 1997, Nissan Almera classic, whose technical characteristics have improved significantly, began to install a diesel engine with a capacity of 75 liters. from.

technical characteristic of nissan almer classic


In the same year a test specimen was collected - 3door Almera GTI, a hatchback with a powerful, 144-horsepower gasoline engine. In fact, it was already a sports car, but he did not have all the signs of a sports car and did not go to the series. The Altera-hatchback was produced in a three-door variant with a two-liter engine during 1998, after which the 4-door sedan was mass-produced, and in this connection the technical characteristics of the Nissan Almera classic changed in favor of the family role of the car. Then Almera passed restyling and was shown at the Geneva Motor Show already as a Nissan Almera II.

engine nissan almer classic

Commercial success

While preparing for the release of Almera II, the factoriesconcern Nissan continued production of three models: a 3-door and a 5-door hatchback, as well as a 4-door sedan. Technical characteristics of the Nissan Almera classic caused confidence of customers, the car felt confidently in the European market, sales were stable and constantly improved, Almera became popular due to its low price. Also the car was bribed with reliability and comfort level. The interior of the Nissan Almera is distinguished by the classic arrangement of the objects of the arrangement, any accessory is at arm's length, and convenience in the cabin is an important argument when buying a car.

nissan almer classic specifications


Technical Specification Nissan Almera Classicinvolves comprehensive comprehensive improvements to the car, including its power plant. At present, the base power unit Nissan Almera is a gasoline half-liter engine with a capacity of 90 liters. from. The transmission can be automatic or mechanical, 4 or 5-step. The Nissan Almera Classic engine is mounted on special supports of complex configuration, equipped with hydraulic vibration dampers. Due to this device, vibration and noise during the operation of the motor are absent.

almer classic front end


Completed Nissan Almera in three versions: the basic configuration of "Comfort", ultra-comfortable "Luxury" and sports equipment "Tekna".

Technical Specification Nissan Almera Classicallows you to raise the level of comfort of the car indefinitely, interior trim is constantly being improved. The upholstery of seats and door panels is a high-end materials of high quality, which are usually used in luxury cars. In a complete set of "Lux" an upholstery of seats leather, and on door panels - velor.