Engine 406 description

Internal combustion engine of ZMZ 406 typeis produced at the Zavolzhsky Motor Plant, which is the main supplier of components for the Gorky Automobile Plant (GAZ). ZMZ also produces a 405 engine. These two motors have become a real pride of the Zavolzhsky plant. By their design and technical data, they are somewhat different from each other. But still almost every car enthusiast knows their principle of work.

motor 406

On which cars is this engine model installed?

Most often the engine of the 406th model was installedon the "Volga" model 31105, as well as the well-known "Gazelles." And since 2003 the Gorky plant has completely updated the technical characteristics of all models of these trucks. Since that moment the 402 motors have completely left production and were no longer installed on any modern truck. They were replaced by two new units - ZMZ 406 and ZMZ 405.

406 engine characteristics and description

This model of the engine went into productionproduction in 1997 year. But, in spite of this, the GAZ 3302 GAZel cars until 2003 were equipped with only 402 engines. Novelty worked on the 92nd gasoline. The main detail that distinguishes it from other models is the fuel injection, which was first developed by engineers at the Zavolzhsky plant. For its long period of existence, the engine of the 406th model has gained immense popularity and has become one of the most widespread in the territory of Russia. This popularity he won thanks to its reliable design and economical fuel consumption.

engine 406 injector

History of creation

With the operation of the 405-th motor were noticeablesignificant shortcomings: in the hot summer days, the Volga and Gazelle simply overheated and boiled (probably everyone saw such a phenomenon when an empty polyethylene bottle was under the hood of GAZel). This indicated a flaw in the cooling system. Many drivers installed a three-section radiator in place of a serial two-section, but the engine sometimes made itself felt. Engineers of the Zavolzhsky Motor Plant understood that it could not go on like this and started developing a new ZMZ 406 injection engine. It was not designed from the ground up - it all resembled the 405 engine. But now all the shortcomings were taken into account and did not enter the new engine 406 (injector).

 406 engine specifications

What are the changes in these two models?

So, the very first difference of the 406 engine ispresence of an injector. The carburetor had its shortcomings and was unreliable. The power of the novelty was 145 horsepower. The working volume is 2.4 liters. The unit has a much lower fuel consumption, and in winter it is very easy to start. Also this motor is distinguished by its high reliability, which can not be said about the model 405. Actually, this is the main advantages, because of which many motorists choose the engine of the 406th model.


About 200-300 thousand kilometers thisthe motor requires major repairs. This procedure is much more expensive than repairing ZMZ 402 and 405 (about 30-40 thousand rubles). And all because of the complex design of the unit. Therefore, exploiting the "GAZelle", it should be remembered that in about 3-4 years it will require significant costs for repairs.