ZAZ-966 - the legend of the Soviet car industry

ZAZ-966, or Zaporozhets, can rightly be calledlegendary. In the Soviet Union it was a real national car. For the first time it was born in the 1960s and steadily gaining popularity. Among all the other "Zhiguli" and "Muscovites", this model was the cheapest and affordable in the USSR, since it cost about 2 thousand Soviet rubles. A spare parts for ZAZ could be bought in any market. By the way, thanks to a simple design, this machine can be repaired even in the field with a minimum number of tools.

ZAZ 966

History of development

In general, the 966 is considered a modification, forthe basis of which was taken ZAZ-968. In fact, these are two identical cars, but still they had minor differences (which ones, we'll find out just below) in design and construction. What is noteworthy, the basic model - 968 - was not designed as a single model. It was planned to include three more modifications, one of which we are currently considering. By the way, the developments did not go to Zaporozhye, but to Moscow in Moscow. The whole of 1961 went to the development and adjustment of the mass production of machines, and in a few years "Zaporozhtsy" of the second generation literally flooded the Soviet roads.


spare parts for ZAZ
The exterior of the car was quite unique, and inAt the same time, the second generation of ZAZ did not look like the previous "hunchbacked Zaporozhets". And if that highlight had a roof shape, then the newly developed 968-model struck a pronounced side air intakes. For such an unusual arrangement of parts, drivers gave him the nickname "eared", which justifies its meaning. Unlike the basic model, the modification slightly changed externally. Dimensions were added, due to what the interior became spacious for a couple of centimeters, and a new grille appeared. In form, it resembles the design of the prestigious at the time the 24th "Volga". However, this all the features of the exterior of ZAZ-966 ended. Even the bumper is not expressive, not to mention the headlights. However, for the proletariat, design is not important, but price and roominess. Going is already good, and the design can be left to the back burner.

In technical terms, ZAZ-966 was equipped with onegasoline unit capacity of 30 liters. from. Later there was one more - 40-strong engine. This was the whole line of engines, which "Zaporozhets" was equipped before 1995. "I ate" such a motor about 6.5 liters of gasoline per 100 km. The maximum speed of the car was 100 km / h, although it is unlikely that any of the drivers could accelerate ZAZ to such a limit. 60 km / h is the maximum that could squeeze a 40-strong ICE.

ZAZ tuning

The salon at ZAZ-966 is executed in Spartan style -nothing extra. The huge 2-spoke steering wheel, 2 rows of armchairs, cheap trim, a small glove compartment and three buttons on the "center console" (if one can call it that) - that's what the interior of the second generation of ZAZ cars consisted of. Tuning, of course, here can be unlimited - for a car enthusiast a real polygon for experiments opens. By the way, for today it may seem wild, but then at Zaporozhets the front panel was made of solid metal. You can imagine what a noise it was while driving in the cabin.