Tires Grandtrek SJ6 Dunlop: reviews of the owners

Every year in the big cities there is everythingmore followers of friction-type tires. It is much better suited for driving on wet or snowy roads. Less noise, provides better handling and comfort while driving. At the same time studded rubber on the asphalt not only violates the acoustic comfort, but also destroys the road surface. Let's get acquainted with the tire Grandtrek SJ6 Dunlop. Reviews of motorists - that's what we'll pay most attention to.

grandtrek sj6 dunlop reviews

Manufacturer Information

In 1888, John Dunlop noted thatIt is extremely uncomfortable to ride a bicycle with all-rubber tires. Therefore, he wrapped the tire with several layers of rubber and pumped it with air. Despite the fact that the design was immovable, the method soon gained immense popularity, due to which the company "Dunlop" was founded.

With the development of the automotive industry, the situationhas changed for the better. The company opened new branches throughout Europe and produced tires for various transport. It was Dunlop who first proposed the use of rain tires in the Royal Races and became a monopolist. Now the company takes the 5th place in the world in terms of the number of produced tires per year. Among the partners are auto companies such as BMW, Peugeot, Opel, Mercedes and many others. "Is this rubber really good?" Consumer questions will help us answer this question.

On the advantages of friction tires

This rubber is designed for use onoff-road vehicles. But since it is friction type, many people think about the expediency of its installation. To dispel doubts, let's look at the key advantages of Velcro:

  • Low noise level due to the softness of the tread and the absence of spikes;
  • good handling of the car on loose snow and wet asphalt;
  • low degree of wear;
  • can be used even at critically low temperatures.

grandtrek sj6 dunlop reviews

Tires Dunlop Grandtrek SJ6 - quality tiresfrom the world brand. Properly designed tread pattern and a unique rubber compound allow you to feel confident when driving on deep loose or wet snow. Most often, consumers note that this rubber perfectly copes with aquaplaning.

A little about the prices

As for the cost, it is thisa parameter many motorists look first. After all, the budget is not rubber, and not everyone can afford expensive tires. For example, the Dunlop Grandtrek SJ6 (265/70 / r16) 112q will cost about 6,000 rubles. In this case, it is worth paying attention to the load index, which is equal to 1120 kilograms. This is quite a lot, so these tires are great for installation on heavy equipment. For example, on a large jeep.

The product range of "Dunlop" is quite large. The most expensive model for today is a tire of the 20th radius with a profile width of 285 mm. It is worth such a pleasure about 35 thousand rubles for one wheel. But at the same time, you can pick up tires R19 worth 40 thousand per set. Prices should not be afraid, British rubber is not expensive, it's the golden mean.

dunlop grandtrek sj6 265 70 r16 112q

Reviews of Dunlop Grandtrek SJ6 (265/70 / r16) 112q

Most drivers immediately after installationfriction tires note that in comparison with studded rubber, they work at times more quietly. This is really so, because special additives in the rubber mixture, as well as a special structure of the tread and the absence of thorns do their job. Drivers agree that this is an excellent option for urban operation. The presence of ice crust on the road surface significantly worsens the characteristics of rubber, making it less stable and manageable.

At the same time, experts note that this is an excellentchoice for off-road driving. Ice there is unlikely to be, but a large amount of snow and slush are provided. With such obstacles, the tires of the Dunlop Grandtrek SJ6 (265/70 / r16) 112q cope perfectly. However, it is worth paying attention to the soft side cord. Therefore, strokes and cuts during operation can lead to a hernia or a serious breakout. Well, and since "Ranfleth" is not here, then you will not be able to go far.

Application of Digityre-II technology

The tread pattern at first sight is quitehabitual. There is nothing in it that would be immediately evident. The directional type protector is V-shaped, which is characteristic of friction rubber. But the use of technology Digityre-II - this is already interesting.

tires dunlop grandtrek sj6

According to the developers, this innovationallowed to design a tire that will cope with the road in all situations. Implemented this was through computer simulation software. It was with the help of Digityre-II that we managed to design the optimal tread pattern and optimize the area of ​​the contact spot.

Results of testing in real conditionsconfirm that the technology really works. The contact spot irrespective of the conditions does not change, therefore at any time in the gearing there are about 10 blocks at the same time. This allows you to feel confident in any situation.

Features of blocks of a protector

At visual inspection of rubber it is immediately visible, thatall the blocks are large enough. From the separate central checkers the ring surrounding the tire covers. This configuration has a positive impact on the exchange rate stability. In addition, it is much easier to enter corners. The blocks of the protector have a quadrangular shape. The axial part of the tread is also designed for uniform distribution of loads along the contact patch. Since the wear is more even, the tire works much longer. Consequently, the longevity of motorists does not raise any complaints.

tires dunlop grandtrek pt2 owner reviews

From a distance, we see quite large blocksprotector, but if you look closer, there is a huge number of hook edges that divide them into smaller pieces. The more such edges, the better the engagement with the roadway. In addition, this wheel is less prone to lateral drift and unpredictable slip.

Design features of lamellas

Only the blocks of the tread can not provideproper adhesion to the roadway. In this case, the rubber will simply be in the "water wedge," which indicates a complete loss of controllability. Therefore, between each tread block there is a groove that is necessary for effective removal of snow, water or dirt from the contact patch.

In our case, the V-shaped form of the protector isgreat advantage. The reason is that there is room for dense lamination. Wide longitudinal and transverse grooves are able to cope with a fairly large amount of water. There are also capillaries - small and shallow lamellae. They go to the central grooves. Thus, all parts of the bus work as one unit. The car with such tires is excellent "grebet" on snow porridge, which is confirmed by the results of testing and feedback. Tires Dunlop Grandtrek SJ6 (225 65 r17) 101q on the snow almost do not go into a skid, of course, if it is not provoked intentionally.

Too noisy?

For some drivers, acousticcomfort in the car. If the tire is too noisy, which is more typical of the spinning, they avoid it. As for Velcro, it always works quietly, as there are no metal elements on it. The edges of the protective elements can also become a source of discomfort.

tires dunlop grandtrek sj6
But the developers took this into account andtried to minimize the friction coefficient while driving. Accordingly, the noise level dropped significantly. In addition, this is confirmed not only by motorists, but also by expert reviews.

Tires Dunlop Grandtrek AT3 (225/65 / r17) 102h in testing received 4 points out of 5 possible noise levels. Of course, this is not the best result, but very worthy for this price range.

Durability of tires

Another important factor is the quality of rubber inthe whole and its compound. In many respects from these indicators depends the service life of the tire. For example, silicic acid, which is part of the Grandtec, increases the strength of the tread blocks and tires in general. But to achieve any impressive results in this regard, the company failed, as evidenced by the feedback of the owners. The Dunlop Grandtrek PT2 tires, for example, last a little longer than the SJ6. But its four seasons the rubber works out for 100%.

In addition, in such a service life there are severalobvious advantages. Firstly, the tire does not lose its elasticity throughout its life. Secondly, as the wear and tear, the performance characteristics do not change for the worse. Therefore, 4 seasons of confident exploitation of motorists is enough to get used to this rubber.

Predictable behavior on the road

As mentioned above, thisrubber is more suitable for installation on heavy SUVs, which, in fact, says consumer reviews. The Grandtrek SJ6 Dunlop is often put on city car parks, such as Nissan's Cascais, Renault Daster and others. Rubber can withstand really heavy loads, and therefore enjoys such popularity. But this is not the most important thing. It is important that the driver feels confident at the wheel of his car.

tires dunlop grandtrek owners reviews

This rubber behaves on the road more thanpredictable. Exception except that it can be driving on an ice crust. But for operation in such conditions it is not intended. In the rest the indicators are excellent. Drivers say that an uncontrolled drift on this "Velcro" is a rarity and you need to try to make the tire go into a cross drift.

Let's sum up the results

So we looked at the SJ6 DunlopGrandtrek. Feedback from owners, as you can see, is in most cases positive. As for the negative, without it, nowhere. Sometimes it is noted that this tire is noisy at high speeds. Most likely, it really is and is connected with the features of the structure of the tread. In addition, the tire does not provide proper handling when driving on ice, but this has already been said.

In the rest for this kind of money it's justgreat option. In addition, the presence of silicon acid in the composition makes the tire very resistant to wear, so it can also be used with the onset of heat. Although this is not recommended, but the situation is different, so for a few months on dry asphalt, nothing terrible will happen.

tires dunlop grandtrek pt2 owner reviews

"Dunlop Grandtec" XL has a reinforced sidewall,so she almost does not fear lateral strikes and cuts. Although you should not abuse this, because the technology "Ranflat" is not here, so the pressure in the tire is lost when a serious puncture is extremely fast. "Dunlop" uses advanced technologies and high-quality materials for the production of rubber, so rubber meets all environmental standards.