What is a car hatch

With the help of a hatch, you can create the illusion of driving in a convertible. It is through it that the vehicle becomes lighter in any weather. Yes, and the driver will have a sense of spaciousness.

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But basically the car hatch is necessary forthat additional ventilation is generated in the car's interior. And this is really so, because through such a detail in the vehicle will receive additional flows of air that circulate in the transport. In other words, a good blowing of the machine is made at any time - when parking and at the moment of driving. There is also a car hatch that can pull, for example, hot air from the passenger compartment or smoke from cigarettes. And this element is able to refresh the atmosphere much better than open side windows. The advantage of this detail is also that at the moment when it is in the open state, you can also communicate peacefully without raising your voice. Air circulation can create a feeling of comfort and freshness.

In addition, the hatch on the car almost does not passdust on a hot day. This feature can also be attributed to the positive qualities of such a detail. This property will be very useful in the event that the car does not have an air conditioner. By design, the car hatch can be divided into two categories - hard and soft.

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The first version of hatches is very common. It is it that is installed on most cars. Such a hole in the roof has a lot of development options. Rigid elements can also have different opening systems - sliding and lifting. In the first variant, the opening takes place in the likeness of a door, in the second case, the opening is made by means of a special mechanism. Such a mechanism can be both electric and manual. Particularly wide popularity has acquired a manual way of opening the hatch, since in this case it is possible to independently regulate the degree of its opening.

A soft car hatch is not so popular, soas it is too expensive. It is a "soft folding roof", which uses material that can be folded into production. Mounted such an element on the entire roof of the car. Many varieties of such hatches are equipped with a special mesh curtain, which obscures the lighting inside the car.

Car sunroof
Normally hatches are made of tinted material. Also widely used material, painted for the color of metal. With the advent of modern technology, many car owners began to think about the acquisition and installation of hatches made of polycarbonate or plastics. In addition, modifications are also constantly evolving. Recently, such details have been supplied with a return mechanism. The essence of it is that if any obstacle occurs, the hatch simply returns to its place.

It should be understood that theThe car sunroof, which is most like, is not always possible. Everything will depend on the shape of the roof itself. With a flat roof options, of course, more. Therefore, if you want to buy such an element, you should first consult with an expert.