"Samand" (the car). Samand: Iranian cars

Oh, how beautiful "Samand"! The Iran machine is made using local parts. This is the first national car produced by Iran Khodro. This company produces Peugeot 405 and not only. At the same time, an updated version of the Peugeot 405 is being manufactured here. The joint work of Iran Hodro with the French company PSA Peugeot Citroën began during the supply of XM7 engines. These motors are used in the Peugeot 504. Both deliveries and transmissions for some Paykan models were carried out. And this mechanism was based on Hillman Hunter. Inside the state, IKCO produces 80% of the details of "Samand".

Samand machine

"Samand" is developed on the basis of the Peugeot 405. Today, the following engines are installed on it: XU7JP of the eighth class and TU5J4 of the sixteenth grade. IKCO for its new models on their own developed dual-fuel engines, using both gasoline and gas. The Iranian engine is going under license. Bosch is very interested in this engine.


The Iranian cars "Samand" are supplied to Russia andBulgaria started back in 2006. IKCO considers Poland, Turkey, Tajikistan, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan and Egypt to be potential markets.

samand car price

Assembly lines

Iranian Samand cars are manufactured inByelorussian company Minsk "Unison" since September 2006. Here also the vans "Lublin" are produced. In Azerbaijan, the saloon "Samand" is being assembled by the Star company. Here locals call AzSamand sedans.

Where else collect "Samand"? This car is also manufactured in Venezuela since 2006. In March 2007, Siamco launched the assembly line "Samand" in Syria. Iran Khodro plans to produce this amazing car in joint ventures in Egypt, Senegal and China.


  • Iran Khodro SAMAND, complete sets: Norma, LX, Basic, EL.
  • Iran Khodro Runna.
  • Iran Khodro Samand LX.
  • Iran Khodro Zoubin, developed by designers.
  • Iran Khodro Coupe, developed by designers.
  • Iran Khodro SARIR. It is an extended version of the Samand car.
  • Iran Khodro TU5. It differs from the Samand motor and driver airbag (it is easy to determine by the updated grille).
  • Iran Khodro SARIR. It is an extended version of the Samand car.
  • Iran Khodro VANET. It is considered a promising pickup on the basis of Samand.
  • Iran Khodro Pardis, developed by designers.

Iran Khodro

Consider an enterprise in whichthe machine "Iran Samand" is made. Iran Khodro is the largest Iranian automotive organization. The enterprise was founded by the brothers Ahmad and Mahmoud Hayyami in 1962. The headquarters is located in Tehran. Here are produced cars Samand and Peugeot. Trucks and buses are collected by the firm under the license of Mercedes-Benz.

 Iranian cars

The most common in Iran was the passenger car "Peykan". It was assembled on the basis of Peugeot-504 from the 1960s to the 1990s.

Today Iran Khodro is called the most prominentmachine manufacturer not only in Iran, but also throughout the Middle and Middle East. Annually the enterprise produces more than one million vehicles. The range includes passenger cars (550 thousand), buses, trucks, pick-up trucks. Iran Khodro is in the thirteenth place in the world in terms of the quantity of products manufactured.

The production facilities of this remarkable organization are also located in Belarus and Azerbaijan.

Peugeot 405

So, how is "Samand" arranged? This machine is unusual. Its development is based on the Peugeot 405 - an ordinary design, created by the French company Peugeot. Consider the "Peugeot 405" details.

Its release began in 1987. In 1988 the car was recognized as the "European car of the year". At the moment, this model continues to be released under license. During the entire production period in Europe, 2 490 963 products were manufactured.

Design Peugeot 405 developed Pininfarina. The car was based on a platform that was installed on the Citroën BX. In the sale of the car came in front-wheel and all-wheel drive versions. It had a body type sedan and station wagon.


The second passenger car of Iran Khodro isRunna. This is the third passenger car designed in Iran. Runna is translated from English as a "runner". But if this word is translated from Farsi, it will mean "drift". The project was named code X12. The car is based on Peugeot 206.

But "Ranne" has a predecessor - "Samand". The car has smaller dimensions than the first Iranian car based on the Peugeot 405. "Runne" is offered with two engine options. These four-cylinder units: gasoline and gas. The gasoline engine has a capacity of 110 horsepower and a volume of 1.6 liters. The gas volume is 1.7 liters.

Iranian Samand Machines

Both motors are made in accordance withecological standards Euro IV and Euro V. In addition, they meet all standards of the safety standard "Collision with a pedestrian." The car is equipped with airbags, anti-lock brakes, power steering and power windows.

The first car delivery to the domestic market of Iranaccounted for in March 2010. Exports to neighboring countries and Turkey occurred a little later. In general, IKCO plans to produce 150,000 units of "Ranne" per year.

Description of the car

And for what amount it is necessary to count, ifdid you like "Samand" - a car? The price at it is much lower, than at the nearest competitors. At the moment it is quite rare to find good cars with a decent rig that would have a modern look and a pleasant price. Even less often you can find a transport that combines the excellent characteristics of the engine, wonderful salon trim and the latest technology. "Samand" fully provides additional safety for passengers and reliable stability on the roads. Virtually all models of this brand have a complete list of the above data.

In Russia, the price of an Iranian car varies from sixty to two hundred and fifty thousand rubles. You can buy a brand new "Samand" in the official dealer network of Russia.

car samand american

On the move, "Samand" from Iran is very convincinga car. It is equipped with the optimal in size and thickness of the steering wheel and a convenient pedal knot. The lever of the box clearly performs its work. It is located at hand. Acoustic comfort here is simply magnificent. At the working speed (up to 3500 rpm) the noise of the motor of the Samand LX car is quieter than expected. And only after 4000 revolutions per minute the driver can clearly hear his sound. Suspension of this horse on small irregularities perfectly smooths down the shortcomings of the highway. At the start, the acceleration dynamics flatter the owner with a tangible acceleration, but the car's numbers tell us about the falsity of the sensations.

Behind, "Samand" looks no worse than most of the brethren - a real "gentleman of the world."

This machine is not like a majestic king of beasts or an Arabian steed. Rather, it is an ordinary workhorse, but quite compliant and with good genes.