Tuning the scooter: what is it?

The desire to improve this or thatThe vehicle puts the owner of a set of tasks that need to be addressed. Scooter tuning is quite common in its kind. Many, if not all owners, are trying to improve both the appearance and power of their iron horses, but do not really know how to do it. In this article we will tell you some interesting and most popular types of tuning on scooters.

scooter tuning

Scooter alarm installation

Absolutely any vehicle should notstay without signaling, if the owner cherishes them. After all, it is thanks to this device that, in case of a break-in, you can scare away the robbers and buy time. Earlier signaling for such a vehicle, like a scooter, was rarely installed, but today such a function begins to gain momentum. This is justified by the fact that the cost of these vehicles increases with demand. Chinese manufacturers offer their customers a low price alarm, and they can afford absolutely all segments of the population. But it's worth thinking about, you need this additional twaddle on your machine.

World-level statistics show thatscooters, which are equipped with an alarm system, are hijacked much less often. From this it follows that it is necessary to carry out tuning of the scooter and put alarm on it. It is worth noting that this type of improvement is quite simple and represents a budget option. You just need to buy all the technical equipment and install. Installation does not take much time and effort.

tuning of scooter Honda

Silencer for push-pull type of scooter

Scooter tuning represents in this respect quiteserious type of activity. A lot of avid lovers ride with a breeze put on their vehicle silencer, called "saxophone", and even when there is no other tuning on the tool at all.

When choosing a silencer, you must give yourpreference for equipment for two-stroke engines. Also, you need to own a fairly wide range of a wide variety of skills when buying just such a silencer.

The work of this type of silencer isa copy of the turbine operation. In this case, the mixture inside the cylinder is compressed, and the output produces an attractive sound for many people. This device has a resonator, the task of which is to create the necessary pressure in a particular traffic situation.

Increase power and speed

The speed of a vehicle formany people is one of the most important factors. Scooter tuning to increase the power is carried out quite often, so this type of work is most common. In order to increase the maximum speed of the scooter, it is necessary to replace the stock reducer. In this case, the standard and factory parts are replaced with parts of a sporting nature.

It is worth noting that the sports gear is not distinguished by any special characteristics. It is a pair of standard gears with a different number of teeth.

tuning spare parts for scooter

Increased engine power, engine capacity

The overwhelming percentage of transport ownersmeans seeks to increase engine capacity. Drivers of scooters are no exception to the rule. It is best for this desire to replace the ball drain volume. This kind of tuning of the scooter "Honda" is the most popular in the whole world. It should be noted that money for this improvement is required relatively little.

Tuning of this character must begin withacquisition of the necessary set of TsPG. But the purchase must be made after you understand the type of engine. On most Honda scooters there is a standard engine, so both tuning and necessary spare parts will cost you absolutely not expensive. In addition, it is worth noting that Chinese manufacturers have made sure that when repairing the engine did not have to disassemble the polemic. It is necessary to remove the so-called wrapper - and start tuning, which can be done quite easily with our own hands.

tuning the Chinese scooter

Xenon headlight on scooter

To date, the world's mostthe xenon headlights are effective. The main advantage of them is that the light that they generate is brighter than that of standard analogues. Also worth noting is a longer service life, which is also twice as large compared to native factory lamps. Xenon headlamps emit less heat to the environment, which means they are more environmentally friendly.

If we take into account all the positive characteristicsthese lamps, they also have a corresponding price. It is worth noting that the tuning of the Chinese scooter on the part of the lighting can be done by oneself. This action is quite easy and simple.

We examined how tuning can be done on a two-wheeled vehicle. Spare parts for a scooter are quite easy to find, besides, at their cost they are available to any person.