How to change the wheel on the car? In which direction to unscrew the bolt on the wheel?

At first glance, the problem is how to change the wheel tomachine, does not seem complicated. However, here, as in any multi-stage process, there are stages, nuances and necessary tools. Experienced motorists, of course, know how to unscrew the wheel from the car and change it, while novice drivers only acquire skills for solving this problem.

Preliminary actions and tools

how to unscrew the nuts on the wheel

Knowing how to change the wheel on the carindependently, is necessary because assistance in this process is not always close. For example, if a puncture happened on a country road, maintenance and repair of cars with the help of car-care centers is not available.

The first preparatory stages depend on the fact,where the wheel is replaced. In any case, you need to check whether the machine is on the handle, in another way it is called a parking brake. If the car is on the road, then pre-roll it to the roadside and expose the emergency stop sign. It is also advisable to switch the gear to the first one for safety and turn on the alarm.

What must a driver have in his trunk?

how to unscrew the wheel of the car

In addition to the above actions, there are a number of preventive measures in case there is a need to replace the wheel:

  • In the trunk or on the car body there should be a spare. Its absence can provoke a lot of problems, especially in a deserted place.
  • The tools require a jack and a balloon wrench.
  • The pump is pumped up, a pressure gauge is also needed to measure the pressure in the tire.
  • It is not out of place that there will be locks ("shoes") or wheel chocks for wheels, a hammer for them and overalls (gloves, robe) as protection from dirt.

All adaptations, especially the jack, for whichthere will be a significant load, should be of high quality. It should be noted that the tools that were bundled with the machine when buying it, do not always have the proper quality.

Steps before changing the wheel

Having made sure that the car is reliable andis not going anywhere to move, it is necessary to fix its position with locks or anti-roll wedges, which are installed under wheels that do not require a change. For this purpose, you can use pieces of brick or stakes. If the machine is on the ground, the wedges are clogged with a hammer.

The decision of a question how to unscrew nuts on a wheel,has its own specifics. The fact is that before lifting the machine with a jack it is necessary to slightly loosen the threaded fastening by means of a balloon key for literally half a turn. The spare wheel is placed next to the car, but does not lean against it due to the increased likelihood of scratches on the body.

One of the crucial stages is a jackclimb. The main mistake of beginners in this procedure is the incorrect installation of the upper support of the mechanism. Below the car there are special notches for the jack stop. Their location and shape vary from model to model, so if you are having trouble finding it, you need to read the instructions. If you do not use them when lifting, the procedure will inevitably lead to damage to the threshold. Then you have to visit the maintenance station or the rihtovschika. The lifting process takes place until the wheel detaches from the surface of the pavement, when nothing prevents its rotation. The classical height is five centimeters between the bottom edge and the surface.

Stage of wheel replacement and reinforcement

maintenance and repair of cars

After the end of the lifting process, the question arises: How to remove the wheel? By means of a cylinder wrench, the nuts or bolts are unscrewed, which are twisted back after the old wheel is changed to a new one. The main thing is to carry out the process, not hurrying up and carefully, so that the machine does not move from the jack. Important! There should be no passengers in it. A full tightening of the nuts takes place only after the car is lowered. The installed wheel is aligned differently during the landing: by means of studs or guides.

The old wheel fits into the new,for example in the trunk. After removing wheel locks with a pressure gauge, the tire pressure must be checked, which must be at least 2 bar. Otherwise, you need to pump up. Then check the nipple for air passage. To do this, the hole is watered with water, an indicator of its tightness is the absence of emerging air bubbles.

It should be noted that the dismantled wheel can still come in handy. For consultation, he should be taken to the TO station, where the specialist will decide on the possibility of restoring rubber.

in which direction to unscrew the bolt on the wheel

Often a novice motoristthe problem is in which direction to unscrew the bolt on the wheel or nut. Confusion in this issue arises, rather, in women, constantly forgetting the application of the drill rule in practice: unscrewing mainly occurs counter-clockwise, although there are rare exceptions.

Read more about wheel release and reserve features

Thus, when solving a problem, how to changewheel on the car, the responsible moments are the correct installation of the jack and the actual replacement itself. Naturally, the reserve should match the size of the car wheel. Many models are equipped with a so-called dokatka, with which at a low speed (no more than 80 km / h) you can get to the nearest car-care center.

If you thoroughly understand the question of how to removewheel, it immediately becomes clear that a number of nuances depend on the features of mounting the disc. For example, if you have special caps, you must first remove them. It should be noted that the preliminary weakening of the tightening of nuts or bolts is associated with the uselessness of doing this in the air, since the wheel will spin, which makes it difficult to work with a strong joint.

What if I can not remove the wheel?

how to remove the wheel

Sometimes after unscrewing all the connections the wheelis stuck. In this case, you need to return one of the nuts in place and hit it with a hammer. Then try again to remove the wheel. When it is dismantled, the tire and the old rim are removed. Using clamping nuts, it is attached to the hub. The process of working with a balloon key is as follows. At the stage of easing the nuts or bolts, it is necessary to slightly press the tool with the foot, if the loosening is tight.

When is it necessary to replace the wheel?

how to change the wheel on the car

Sooner or later with active use of the carwill have to deal with the replacement of the wheel. If you want to save money, time and / or be calm in extreme situations, you need to know the rules of how to change the wheel on the car, as well as signs of a tire puncture:

  1. Permanent car drifts to the sides.
  2. Change of noise during driving.
  3. Bad overclocking.
  4. A sudden or constant drop in pressure in the tire.
  5. Turn steering wheel is with great effort.


In urban conditions, maintenance andcar repair is always at hand. Modern technology allows small punctures and cuts to be sealed with special compounds so that you can reach the car service center. However, it is not possible to remove large damages with sealing compounds. Thus, self-confidence in the occurrence of the need to replace the wheel yourself is the right companion motorist.