Lifan X50: reviews of owners with photos, characteristics, disadvantages

Compact crossover Lifan X50 oftenoccurs on Russian roads. People buying such cars are attracted by the look, price and status of foreign cars. Then, in the process of operation, it becomes clear whether the waiting machine is justified or not. Well, since many people own this crossover, I would like to consider its real characteristics and virtues, based on the comments of motorists. And the best source of information in this case is the owner's feedback about Lifan X50.

lifan x50 owner reviews

Behavior on the road

Many people who have in their garage Lifan X50,note the interesting feature. And it consists in the fact that the machine is started only when the clutch is squeezed out. And this is a convenient, albeit an unusual protective function - suddenly the gear lever lever is on the gear.

Suspension is good, comfortable. Unevenness smoothes out so that they are not felt. 18.5-centimeter clearance is enough for a comfortable ride around the city and easy off-road.

A modest 103-horsepower engine, surprisingly,perfectly behaves at high speed and demonstrates quickness. In frost starts immediately, even if the outdoors is far beyond -30 ° C. The box includes transmissions clearly and does not make any strange sounds at the same time.

More about the crossover Lifan X50 reviewsowners make it clear that the car is actually dynamic. After the break-in, its "off-road" character begins to manifest itself. Speed ​​is dialed quickly and unnoticed. You can go 130 km / h, and it will be felt like 90 km / h. Weakly gaining speed only from the mark of 130 to 150. By the way, at high speeds an engine is heard, but, as the owners assure, the noise is small and not too annoying.

lifan x50 reviews of the owners shortcomings


And this topic is affected by the attention of many left on the Lifan X50 owners reviews. Pleasant interior is liked by all. And indicators from instruments placed in deep "wells" are read easily.

Another car enthusiasts praise the 3-spoke steeringThe wheel on which the audio control buttons are conveniently located. In general, everything in the cabin of this crossover is in its place. Interior is not only aesthetically attractive, but also ergonomic, and this is important. And the chairs are comfortable. Even with long trips, the back does not become numb.

And, of course, many people pay attention to the trunk. Its volume is 650 liters. But it can be increased to 1136 liters, if you fold the rear row. Transportation of bulky goods will not cause any inconvenience. Owners say that if you want you can fit into this crossover, even the most cumbersome thing.

lifan x50 reviews of the owners characteristics

Inner space

Continuing the theme concerning the salon, I would again like to draw attention to the owner's feedback on the Lifan X50.

People claim that this machine is designed fordrivers of average build. For high and wide inside there will not be enough space, and landing will be inconvenient. In the back row, with comfort, only two people can be accommodated. Three will be too crowded. By the way, high passengers will have to literally rest their heads on the ceiling. Because of the understated roof arch, there is too little space at the top. For the same reason, care must be taken when planting and disembarking.

Another significant disadvantage for many isabsence of rugs. In fact, in the crossover there is only a fabric floor covering. Because you need to buy mats yourself, otherwise everything inside will be stained.

But the front stands deserve special praise,completely not closing the review. To achieve this, the developers have made the front part more elongated. And the racks moved further away from the usual angle, due to which it was possible to open a side dead zone for viewing through the windows of the front doors.

lifan x50 reviews from photos

Questions to electronics

The work of certain equipment in thisthe Chinese crossover leaves much to be desired. This is confirmed by the feedback of owners about Lifan X50. The characteristics of the car are not bad, but electronics could be better.

The air conditioner, for example, can switch itself off, and then start working again. There is still no adjustment of the heating capacity of the seats, and it would not be superfluous.

Many more on the panel there is an icon,warning about the malfunction of the system of exchange rate stability, although in reality everything is normal. Most of the motorists have nicknamed this mistake as yet an incurable disease of this Lifan model. It remains only to hope that in the future, developers will fix it.


If you want to know about the disadvantages of the crossover, thenalso need to pay attention to left over the Lifan X50 owner reviews. Disadvantages of this machine are, like in any other car. And they are connected, as a rule, with the quality of assembly.

Many say that some time afterthe start of operation in this car begin to "creak" the wipers. The problem is solved by the purchase of new, frameless. But it's still frustrating that the new windshield wipers do not last long.

Some still have unstableshift to the rear gear. And when peregazovke, which can not be avoided in certain situations (when climbing into the hill, for example), in the cabin there is an unpleasant smell. And besides, the engine has an increased "appetite" for fuel. The real expense is more than the declared one.

By the way, even in this model is extremely unfortunatethe washer reservoir is located directly above the generator, and the hole is small. Pouring water, you need to be as accurate as possible so that nothing is spilled on it.

 lifan x50 customer reviews

What else is worth knowing?

Studying the left about the Lifan X50 reviewsbuyers, it is impossible not to dwell on the topic of security. She's at a decent level in this car. Many people consider the sound warning function as a useful option, which is activated if a person has gained a speed of more than 120 km / h. Still, most people like automatic door locking, which occurs when the speedometer needle exceeds the mark of 20 km / h.

In general, about the level of security developersthought. They equipped the model with a tire pressure monitoring service, an electric engine immobilizer, six airbags, belt pretensioners, daytime running lights, an automatic door unlock function for an accident and even an option to identify the presence of a front passenger.

What can I say at last? A modern SUV with good characteristics - this is the definition that perfectly describes the crossover Lifan X50. Feedback from the photo is an additional confirmation. And, as it was possible to notice, comments in the majority carry a positive character.