"Suzuki SV 400": characteristics, comparison with competitors and feedback

The Japanese nation is distinguished by a special, subtle perceptiontechnologies, especially cars and motorcycles. Successfully combining high technical characteristics with spectacular design, more than one decade the products of Japanese manufacture occupy a leading position in sales in the world. Neoclassical model of "Suzuki" under number SV400 is a reissued variant of a road motorcycle. However, from his predecessor, he had only a swift and daring silhouette.

Motorcycle Specifications

What are the parameters of "Suzuki SV 400"? The characteristics of this road bike are pleasantly impressive. It has rather modest dimensions for its class. The length of 2035 mm and the height of 785, it is most suitable for driving to small drivers. However, people feel more comfortable in the saddle thanks to a comfortable landing. In addition, it is lighter than its counterparts: the weight is only 159 kg.

suzuki sv 400 specifications


A special trump this handsome man is the V-shapeda motor with a capacity of 399 cu. see. Few of his "relatives" in terms of cubature can boast such a powerful, 100% -engineed engine. Four-stroke, with two cylinders, it can accelerate to a speed of more than 180 km / h in a matter of minutes. A liquid cooling system makes the rumbling soft, not cutting a rumor. When driving on the "CB400" you do not have to hold the gas knob in the "red" zone: "Suzuki" perfectly holds cruising speed at 140 km / h without any effort and constant gear changes. Consumption of oil per 1000 km is about 600 g. However, oil change will help the "Suzuki SV 400": after reassembly of parts it decreases to 200 g.

Despite the simplicity of the design, Suzuki's suspensionSV 400 is quite energy-intensive and resilient. Engine power reaches 53 liters. from. at 10,500 rpm. In this case, we should note the speed of acceleration: you can start and accelerate to 100 km / h in 4.5 seconds! Need I say that after the green light changes to red, you will be further than all? But it will not cost you a lot of money: "Suzuki SV400" in maintenance is unpretentious. The fuel consumption is 5 liters per 100 km.

suzuki 400

The brake system consists of double discsfront and one behind, providing soft braking. Even with a sharp stop, the road bike does not bite forward, while maintaining maximum comfort and safety for the driver.

Motorcycle History

The first copy was released in 1998 andwas intended exclusively for the domestic market of Japan. That's why in the rest of the world this model was learned relatively recently. Motorcycle "Suzuki SV 400" was named the younger brother of SV 650, which was just exported to other countries.

suzuki sv 400 reviews

During its existence the model of roadThe bike has undergone a number of significant and not very changes. In 2000, a double brake disc was placed on the front wheel, which allowed to improve the braking performance. In the 2001 model, the following parameters were changed:

  • seat shape for the driver;
  • stickers on plastic;
  • The motorcycle was first produced in red.

By 2003 the length of "Suzuki" increased by 30 mm,and the wheelbase - by 15. Significant changes were made to the design: the bike became more sporty, the gamma expanded to another color. Since then, blue has become available for purchase in the ranks of Suzuki SV 400. The photo clearly shows how harmonious this color looks on the model.

In 2004, the frame and wheels turned black,and these were the latest changes that affected this model. The last Suzuki SV 400 was released in 2004, but official sales stopped only in 2007.


The external appearance of "Suzuki" is almost ideal andreminds something of the design of Honda. A slender appearance reveals a part of the details, because of what he was given the style of "neyked." Someone will like this move, but someone prefers completely plastic-covered parts. Among the fans of this model, this feature is considered the highlight of a motorcycle. After all, once road bikes released without any plastic protection. Neoclassical design, of course, draws attention to the roads.

motorcycle Suzuki SV 400

Model CB 400 is produced not only in styleold road bikes, but also with a hint of sporty style. Suzuki SV 400S is made in the style of motorcycles with large volumes of engines. More plastic, more swiftness and power - that's what the letter S means in the name of the model. A double headlight and a more compact windshield make it look a little predatory. The characteristics of the engine and other parts remained the same as those of the SV 400. The sports landing makes the oncoming airflow insensitive even at high speeds.

Running gear and brakes

The V-twin engine was not praised only by the lazy one. Quiet and responsive, it helps to get a real pleasure while driving. Smoothness of the stroke is attached to aluminum cylinders, which have a nickel-plated coating. It is this material that has a thermal expansion identical to that of the pistons. As a result of this selection of materials, the clearance between the pistons and the walls of the cylinders remains the same minimum throughout the entire operation of the engine. And this allows "Suzuki" to gracefully maneuver among the flow of cars and ideally fit into the turns.

suzuki sv 400 photos

The engine has a low noise level, sometimesyou can easily forget that you have 53 horsepower hiding under your hood. Up to 180 km / h, you can accelerate in a couple of minutes. Sufficiently rigid running gear allows you to overcome without harm road obstacles. And the SV 400 itself travels equally well both on the asphalt and on the ground cover. Suzuki SV 400 is perfectly balanced both for extreme driving, and for leisurely trips every day. The responsiveness of the engine makes it the ideal first motorcycle for a beginner. But in the hands of a professional, he will not remain without application and will be able to disclose all his technical characteristics.

Price range

Due to its excellent performance, the Suzuki SV 400has a fairly high price for both its class. The average cost of a road bike fluctuates between 110-220 thousand rubles. A solid amount for a used motorcycle. On sale, you can find copies and cheaper, but their condition leaves much to be desired. If you are able to repair and "revive" motor vehicles - the best option is not found.

In case you feel sorry to give such money forsecond-hand model, think about how many of its cheaper "associates" it can survive. A motorcycle with real Japanese quality will become a faithful companion on the roads and will not let its owner down for many years.

Main competitors

"Suzuki 400 SV" has few worthy competitorsamong 400-cubic-meter motorcycles. The main ones are Kawasaki ZZR 400 and Honda CB 400. The main target audience for all of the above models are drivers with little driving experience or those who are completely satisfied with this engine volume.

Suzuki sv 400 service and repair

Compared to Kawasaki, problems with Suzukithere is much less. The best entries in turns, lighter weight, no engine problems - all this eliminates the need to escape to the car service after every third trip. The smaller number of shifts in the gearbox in the CB 400 allows less time to pay attention to the gearbox and more - to the road. Engine power allows using only 2/3 of the operating range, even at high speeds, while the other two models have to twist the handle to the limit. But Honda is ahead of "Suzuki" in the braking system. What do the owners of Suzuki SV 400 say? Reviews about it you can read below.

Reviews for SV 400

Reviews of the road motorcycle brand ownersSuzuki only confirm the quality and longevity of the products of the Japanese concern with a worldwide reputation. Many argue that it is sometimes impossible to distinguish a 400-cubic version from a more serious "six hundred". The center of gravity is reduced so that the control is as comfortable and dynamic as possible. Instant reaction to gas operation, excellent motor thrust. Afflicted owners only misfires the engine, reminiscent of the motorcycle class. Some say that in the "Suzuki SV 400" the engine is knocked. To avoid such trouble, professionals recommend using only high-quality gasoline (preferably not below 95) and check the filter element and adjustments. And as for "Suzuki SV 400": maintenance and repair will be able to raise even a copy of 1998, which after that will serve you many more years.

suzuki 400

The rigid frame of the frame, made of aluminum, the owners of the car is compared to those with which 650-cubic-meter motorcycles are manned. She can easily withstand all the hardships of the race track.

In general, the whole motorcycle is made with a specialcarefully, accurately and accurately. Many advise it for urban operation, arguing that this is good behavior both in traffic jams and on the roads. The only thing that brings in some fly in the ointment is the braking system. In general, it's not bad, but it has a slightly weak rear brake. And with a sudden braking at a speed above 150 km / h, you should be careful: the front 2-disc brake may not be enough.


SV 400 impresses with its capabilities. Rigidity of the frame and pendulum, suspension adjustment and weighting are simply excellent. A good torque at medium revs and pronounced "horses" make the model convincing in its class. Unusual appearance, performed in a neoclassical and athletic version, attracts views. A comfortable landing makes the trip on the bike pleasant and also protects against the oncoming airflow. Rearview mirrors provide an excellent view, and every piece of apparatus you feel and control. A simple design with a lot of adjustments makes the Suzuki SV 400 universal. Dynamic, unproblematic and beautiful two-wheeled transport will be an excellent first motorcycle and reliable companions on the roads for a professional.