How to switch the speed on the machine? Tips for novice motorists

Beginners at the first departure of the car on the roadface, as a rule, with 2 problems: smooth starting and switching gear. In fact, both processes occur in a similar way - in both cases, the gear lever, the gas pedal and the clutch are engaged. However, these stages have their own nuances. And to understand how to correctly switch the speed on the machine, today we will devote this to a separate article.

how to switch the speed on the machine

At what point does the transmission include?

First, you need to understand at what pointIt is necessary to switch from lowered to higher gear. In this we always help the tachometer, speedometer and, of course, the sound of the motor. We will not pay special attention to the noisiness of the latter, but on the readings of the dial scales - quite the contrary. In the question of when and how to switch speed on the machine, in fact, there is nothing complicated. If the arrow of the tachometer has come out of the green scale and slowly begins to turn into red, then we switch to an increased gear. For convenience, you can use the speedometer. In this case:

  • Switching from the first to the second speed is carried out at a speed of 20-25 kilometers per hour.
  • From the second to the third - at 35-40 kilometers per hour.
  • From the fourth to the fifth - at a speed of more than 60 kilometers per hour.
    how to correctly switch the speed on the machine

Some cars have a sixth gear. In this case, you should focus not only on the speedometer, but also on the arrow of the tachometer. The principle is the same: when the value goes beyond the green scale (here you just feel the characteristic roar of the motor), turn on the increased speed. A switch from an elevated to a lower one occurs in the same way, only in the reverse order. If the speed decreases and the tachometer needle goes behind the green scale to idling, then it's time to turn on the clutch and switch gears.

How to switch the speed on the machine?

With what moment, what kind of transfer is necessaryinclude, we have already figured out. Now we turn to the second aspect - the rules for switching gears. In fact, in the question of how to switch the speed on the machine, too, there is nothing complicated, it is only necessary to understand the algorithm of actions. And it consists in such stages:

  • Let's release the gas and gently press on the clutch. It is important that turning off the first and pressing the second pedal occurs with minimal waiting. In practice, you will catch this moment.
  • We translate the gearshift lever according to the scheme drawn abovehandle, in the desired position. But before switching the speed on the machine, you first need to turn the knob to neutral and after 1 second turn on the desired gear. This is done in order to reduce the load on the transmission gears.
  • Then smoothly release the clutch and a little pressure on the gas.
  • After you completely released the clutch, increase the pressure on the right pedal.
  • Continue until the next gearshift.

At this stage, the question of how to correctly switch the speed on the machine can be considered closed.

toggle speed on the machine

And finally a little secret: You can switch gearbox modes without observing the sequence. That is, when the car braked sharply, it is not necessary to pull the handle from the fifth to the fourth, then to the third and second gear. Boldly switch on the desired speed - the main thing is that the engine speed is in the green scale.