Car "Gazelle" - tuning by own hands

"Gazelle" - a small truck, thanks toto which its owner earns money. This is a real iron horse, ideally suited for the transport of goods and passengers. But that the work brought not only money, but also pleasure, some car owners make their "Gazelles" internal and external tuning by their own hands.

Gazelle tuning by own hands

Before you start tuning, think about yourworkplace - driver's cab. It is here that you spend most of your time working. Accordingly, the tuning of the salon "Gazelle" with their own hands will be an ideal option for each driver. First of all you need to take care of the soundproofing of the cabin. Many domestic cars have a weak noise isolation - whether it is made in part or not at all. This shortcoming also went to the Gazelles. Constant noise greatly affects the human nervous system and can even provoke serious diseases, not to mention the formation of constant fatigue. After all, agree, it's nice to drive in a quiet and cozy car. Next, take care of the upholstery. That upholstery material that is installed on the conveyor belt is very, very poor quality. The question arises, what material is better to cover your cabin? The ideal option is the skin or its substitute. Of course, this is not cheap, but tuning for something and tuning - it does not happen free. And if the financial possibilities are extremely limited, you can use the carpet instead of the skin - it is much cheaper, but it serves no worse. Do not forget about the good audio system on your "Gazelle".

tuning salon Gazelle own hands

Tuning your own hands of the instrument panel

A dashboard is one of the few details,which is constantly in sight. It should be as informative and functional as possible. Of course, replacing the arrow speedometer - not the most reasonable solution, but with the backlight just can and "pohummich." Instead of standard illumination use LED: LED lamps consume several times less electricity than standard ones, and look much "cooler" in order.

The appearance of the car "Gazelle"

Tuning your own car - it's verybeautiful and not very expensive. Start with the details of the cladding, namely the front bumper. The "eye-catching" "Gazelles" of the 2003-2010-ies have much more possibilities than the first generation with square headlights. For them, you can buy pads on the bumper, having received the original design of your iron friend. You can replace the bumper yourself with a minimum set of tools, but most importantly - do not forget about their main function - damaging the impact force in an accident. Also, the external appearance and fairings are underlined. In addition, in addition to a solid design, they will reduce fuel consumption, as when installing their aerodynamic properties increase.

external tuning by one's own hands

"Gazelle" - tuning with your own hands engine

You can still make the engine tuning, replacingcarburetor ZMZ 402 for the injector model ZMZ 406. With it, the car will absorb less gasoline and at the same time to go faster. But it is recommended to do this only at the maintenance stations, and this pleasure is worth a lot.

Improve your "Gazelle". Tuning by one's own hands is not only a good appearance, but also excellent driving qualities!