Which battery to choose for VAZ-2114: brand, description, characteristics

From time to time every car owner encounterswith the problem of partial or complete failure of the battery. As a rule, this happens with the onset of cold weather. The first signs of a bad battery condition are: difficult start of the engine after a long idle time of the car, its fast discharge at the moment of using electrical appliances with the engine not running, and also when the battery does not charge when the generator is working. With all these symptoms, you should consider purchasing a new battery. This review provides tips on the correct selection of this element. Let's take a look at which battery to choose for VAZ-2114.

Standard battery for 2114

The car of this model from the factory is completedbattery capacity of 55 Ah, however, like the first models of "Samara". This configuration has already become traditional and is regulated by the class of the machine. This battery is used to calculate the total electricity consumption in the on-board network and in the car's electric motors. The VAZ of the fourteenth model is equipped with the power element 6ST-55A. This battery is considered unattended, with a minimum percentage of evaporation of the electrolyte. But still in the battery case there are technological holes, and it can be partially serviced.

Selection options

Selecting a battery by car is a matterserious enough. From the quality and technical characteristics of this device depends the normal operation of the main electronic auto systems, its durability and reliability.

which battery to choose for vases 2114

Acquiring a new element, it is important to determine several basic parameters that will affect the stable operation of the device:

  • Capacity parameters.
  • Nominal power consumption of electricity.
  • Polarity of connection.
  • Battery size.
  • The company-manufacturer.
  • Additional equipment.

Next, consider some parameters in more detail.

Battery capacity and starting current

The main parameter to be reversedspecial attention is the capacity. This indicator is responsible for the duration of the working stage of the battery under the influence of loads. Capacity indicates the period of time when the battery can give off current under load, and is measured in ampere-hours. And the higher this figure, the more amount of charge is accumulated in the case of the device, while the operating time of electrical appliances in the car increases. According to experienced motorists, it is desirable to purchase a variant with a capacity of 60 A instead of 55 on the VAZ-2114.

battery selection by car

The starting current indicates the highest dischargebattery. When starting the engine in winter, the starter needs a high value of starting energy for a sufficient speed of crankshaft rotation and engine start-up. If the value of the currents of the nutrient element is low, then the start-up will be difficult or even impossible. Therefore, the selection of the battery by car should be carried out taking into account the technical features of the engine and its power.

Battery polarity

American and European automakersinstall batteries with reverse polarity. This means that there is a negative terminal on the left side of the device, and a positive terminal on the right side. Automobiles of Asian countries prefer the installation of batteries with direct polarity, the location of the conclusions in which is opposite to the European type.

which brand of battery is better

For an unhindered connection of the battery it is importantdetermine its polarity, that is, the location of the positive and negative terminals. So, having installed on the car an element with inappropriate polarity, one can face the problem of lacking the length of the connection wires. In this case, you will either have to drive the battery to the store for replacement, or extend the wiring. Therefore, wondering which battery to choose for VAZ-2114, it is important to take seriously the type of polarity. The car of the fourteenth model is equipped with a device of American and European type.


The other dimensions are the dimensions of the canbattery. Dimensions must match the parameters of the seat in the engine compartment. The device should be easy to install, and securely fastened and do not interfere with closing the hood cover. The standard dimensions of the battery, perfectly suited to the fourteenth model of the car, make up the following parameters: length - 242 mm, width - 175 mm, height - 190 mm.

Battery size

Despite the small size, the battery can fully perform its functions. This is possible due to the use of various modern production technologies.

Additional equipment of the feeding device

To such it is possible to carry various controldevices and devices. Indicators of charge and presence of electrolyte greatly simplify the maintenance, folding handle facilitates transportation, and protective caps of terminals reduce the probability of closure.

Which battery to choose for VAZ-2114

On this factor depends how reliable and howlong battery will last. Today, the market of automotive accessories is represented by many different companies, some of which have long and reliably proven themselves, while others are simply not known to the consumer. Also, the car market is filled with Chinese-made batteries. This product is not very reliable, but it has a significantly understated price. To buy a good battery on the VAZ-2114, you need to have at least the slightest idea of ​​the manufacturers. Given the rating of sales of batteries, you can make some order of popularity of these devices among motorists.

car batteries

The first place can be reliably attributeda factory in Tyumen, which is famous for the production of its products. The car batteries "Tyumen" are excellent for VAZ-2114, especially the models with a capacity of 55 and 60 amperes / hours. These devices cope with their task at a temperature of -40 to +60 degrees. At the same time they are famous for their reliability and long service life.

The second place is the battery "Beast". This product is produced by the company "Accumulator Technologies", located in the Irkutsk region. Drivers of cars VAZ-2114 often give preference to this brand of batteries, as it perfectly corresponds to the price-quality parameter. Batteries "Zver" have a factory warranty for three years.

JSCB "Warta" of the famous Americanproducer "Johnson Controls", have a difference in terms of high reliability and efficiency. Often, the products of this company are slightly more expensive than the domestic one, but for a greater price the consumer gets a real western quality. It is worth mentioning the guarantee - for four whole years! And with moderate use, the "battery" can last up to six years.

battery for vase 2114 price

In the list of leading companies can not but includeproducts under the Bosch brand. Regardless of the fact that this manufacturer works in various technological branches, its batteries have a high demand among drivers. Thinking which battery to choose for VAZ-2114, you can stop at this manufacturer. The battery with a capacity of seventy amperes and a starting power of 500 A will reliably serve the car at any time of the year for five to six years.

Question price

Everything depends on the technical parameters of the battery and itsproduction. When we are going to buy a new battery on VAZ-2114, the price of which can vary from three and a half to seven thousand rubles, it is important to carefully approach the matter. By the way, the old device can be handed over "for scrap" for 200-500 rubles.

good battery for vase 2114
Having not enough knowledge about automobilebatteries, it is advisable to use the services of professionals who, in turn, will help with the choice and save you from the possibility of purchasing a poor-quality product.


Also we will remind the truth - the miser pays twice. Therefore, you need to take into account the fact that a cheap battery will bring you more inconvenience and trouble than good. Therefore, which brand of battery is better, can specify its price, because the cost of production depends on the materials and technologies used. As a rule, savings in the production of batteries significantly affect their performance.

So, we figured out how to choose the right onebattery for VAZ-2114. But the final decision to take, of course, to you. Since battery batteries in our time - not an expensive pleasure, their choice should be taken with all seriousness.