What is different from other models of the Prior Coupé

Someone might think that Lada Priora Coupedoes not differ from a hatchback. But it only seems, in fact, everything is not so. It is worth noting immediately that the Priory compartment is completely assembled by hand. In addition, this assembly is not on a general assembly line, but in a specialized workshop of an automobile plant.

Priora Coupe
If you inspect the car from the front, thenbumper anything outstanding to notice will not work - the usual Priora in the complete set of "luxury". Bumper, although at first glance it is not such a significant detail, makes before the car Priora coupe sport completely different from other models of this brand. If you look from the side, it immediately becomes clear why this car is a coupe. Doors for this vehicle only one on each side. But their length was increased.

On the wing you can see instead of a turntable"SE", that is the sports version. The same turn signal can be found on the side mirror. It is worth noting that the sports model of the Priory coupe comes only in luxury equipment. In other words, the owner of this transport will be able to have in this model parktronic, anti-lock system, seat heating, fog lights, air conditioning, alarm, airbags in the number of two pieces, power windows, etc.

In its appearance, the car seems a little shorter than the hatchback. But it only seems so. On the sold car, on its back door specialists immediately install a spoiler.

Because of the lack of two doors, sit in a chairthe driver became more comfortable. But the passengers, who are located behind, will feel less comfortable. But still there is comfort and there are feet to put. Salon for the car Priora coupe was developed by an Italian company, and the effect of this can be seen right away, it is only necessary to pay attention to the leather upholstery of the seats. The instrument panel also changed, the sensors on which were painted in a different color. In addition, immediately set the radio and four speakers.

Priora Coupe Sport

The trunk of the sports version is also pleased with itsvolume - it reaches about three hundred liters. You can, of course, increase it by removing the shelf and folding the seats, but this will be difficult due to the design characteristics of the transport. Well, it's a sport version, not a cargo model.

The engine with a sixteen-valve head. Its power reaches 98 hp. The electronics changed, due to what immediately increased the speed and dynamic performance. The engine of the Prior Coupe car maintains a speed of about 140 km / h. The noise insulation is also at a high level. After about 85 km / h, the electric power steering is completely cut off, which is pleasantly surprising. The suspension on the car is a bit stiffer than in other models, but this is correct, as the sports version should keep on the road confidently.

Prius Coupe tuning

It can be said that for a person who wants toto buy an inexpensive and reliable car, a worthy option is the Priory Coupe. Tuning is always possible to do. So you should not abandon such a vehicle.