Scooter Stels Tactic - very useful urban all-terrain vehicle

A great recognition among young people nowenjoy scooters. These vehicles, despite their price, have a mass of useful characteristics. One of the most important, of course, is the ease with which small, extremely maneuverable scooters make their way through the traffic-laden city.

stels tactic

A prominent representative of the world of scooters ismodel Stels Tactic. In addition to the prescribed characteristics of the dynamics, this scooter still has a bright modern design. The color scheme of the case adheres to universal black color, and disks - red. New modifications are equipped with lightweight alloy wheels, which further increase the already excellent handling of the device. Small dimensions of Stels Tactic allow to pass even in the narrowest places, the most winding alleys or practically do not notice traffic jams, which makes it a true city all-terrain vehicle. In this model, the remote auto-start function of the engine is also realized, which makes it even more advantageous among similar models of other well-known manufacturers.

scooter stels tactic
Scooter Stels Tactic is very convenient, that,certainly, is one of the key positive qualities. The fartuh is designed in such a way that it allows the driver to stretch his legs forward. Soft running, taking into account the latest trends in the development of the industry, makes Stels Tactic an ideal means of transportation, even for long distances, to a neighboring city, for example. And the dimensions and layout of the scooter allow you to carry a passenger without discomfort for the driver. Convenience is also added by the fact that the stock version is equipped with a convenient and compact cover that will protect your pet in any weather. Although, of course, behind this scooter there is a general lack of all motor vehicles - it is better to use it in the warm season, when there is no snow, rain or other active precipitation.

With the appearance of a compact Stels Tactic 100 hasan impressive seat luggage compartment, which can contain absolutely everything you might need on the road. The neck of the fuel and oil tank is located outside the luggage compartment and is opened with a key. For the convenience of fueling the scooter with oil, Stels Tactic is equipped with a special lute. Also in the stock kit there is a useful set of essentials.

stels tactic 100
The instrument panel is mechanical in a 50-cc versionand electronic - in a 100-cubic meter. The controls of the light are made in the traditional ergonomic manner of the Stels Tactic line. Also in the control panel is built-in indicator of the incoming voice call of the mobile phone, which emits a clearly audible signal that notifies you of the call. The optical flashlight is divided into two parts, which gives the impression of separate optics. In fact, two twin-headed lamas are installed in the headlamp flashlight, working in parallel. Particularly noteworthy are the large and well-visible long-distance signals of the turns, which are mounted on flexible brackets.

Stels Tactic 100 is equipped with a 2-stroke,single-cylinder engine, a capacity of 6.5 horsepower. Front brake - hydraulic disc, rear - mechanical drum. 12-inch wheels are equipped with a wide road rubber.

All these parameters, coupled with a price that fluctuates between 40-50 thousand rubles, allow you to boldly recognize the scooter Stels Tactic 100 one of the most successful models of the budget sector.