Why do I need to know the electrical equipment of cars?

Many motorists believe that all problems withtheir cars can be completely solved by arriving at any service station in the city. Maybe this is so, but there is always one "but". The thing is that sometimes there are situations when the driver is left alone with the car somewhere on the country road. At a time when you can not wait to get help from anywhere, you have to eliminate the various problems of the car yourself. Far not always it is possible to return to life of the iron horse, but in most cases it all the same is possible. Especially it concerns those cases when you practically perfectly know the electrical equipment of cars.

That is why electrical equipment is necessaryknow not just on an amateur level, but on a semi-professional level. You will say that this is all nonsense, and that this needs to be studied for many years, not only sitting at the books, but also directly in practice. First of all, you will need a textbook on the device of a car, which is easy enough to find on sale, and it costs not so much. What should I look for when studying such material in this textbook? First of all, this is a diagram of electrical equipment. At first glance, you will find that it is monotonous and difficult to learn, but it is far from being so.

All main components and units of electrical equipmentare connected by wires. Electrical equipment of cars is so arranged that the power is supplied by a positive wire, while the minus is the car body. Many motorists neglect this when installing additional equipment, which inevitably leads to the failure of one or another section of the chain. In some cases, this problem can easily be eliminated by replacing a fuse. And in general, before you start repairing electrical equipment, you need to check the fuse box. By the way, with a faulty fuse, some parts of the circuit will not work, for example, air conditioner and radio, glass cleaner and signal, etc.

If the fuse box is OK,then the problem must be sought elsewhere. For example, if the engine of the car has stalled on the track in wet weather, it is necessary to check the ignition system, which is not particularly good for moisture. If during the night traffic the light of your car's headlights does not suit you, to put it mildly, although yesterday everything was in order, then there is no charge from the generator. As you know, the electrical equipment of cars is arranged in such a way that when the engine is running, the electrical equipment is supplied from the generator. Naturally, when the generator is idle, all power consumption falls on the battery, which discharges quickly enough.

As we see from all of the above, knowledgesuch an important subject as the electrical equipment of cars is simply necessary for every motorist. And it does not depend on what car you drive on, what your social and financial position is. After all, it's one thing when a car instrument panel went out of order, and it's quite another matter when it comes to ignition or headlights at night. So, start by buying the repair and operation instructions at the nearest newsagent. Do not regret a couple of days to get acquainted with such an interesting literature, as it may even be very useful to you in the future. By the way, if you are not satisfied with the printed edition, you can always download the electronic version on the Internet, and, absolutely free. Good luck learning, and as little as possible problems with the electrical equipment of the car! The main thing to want, and you will be able to reanimate your car without incidental help in the event of an emergency.