Overview of the motorcycle Stels Flame 200

Stels Flame 200 is a veryAn interesting model of the famous Chinese motorcycle production company - Stels. The engineers who worked on it for a long time did not deceive the expectations of the company's admirers and could create a universal city bike.

Quite small size of this two-wheeled"horse" allow with the same comfort to ride on it both high and miniature drivers. This feature makes this motorcycle optimal for not too large young people and girls.

Stels Flame 200
It should be noted that the bike Stels Flame 200reviews are mostly positive. This is not surprising: after all, a motorcycle with a relatively low cost is very, very powerful, convenient, maneuverable. It is very good to travel around the city, as it occupies very little space on the road and easily overcomes traffic jams. Yes, and good speed data to the driver will be useful.

Most owners of this motorcycle celebrateconvenience of its design. Due to the fact that it has a shortened base, people of medium and small size can ride comfortably on it: in order to reach the steering wheel, you do not need to sit on the tank. It's another matter that high drivers do not fit well, and on an uneven road there is shaking. But the same can be said for any other compact bike.

It should be noted that the Stels Flame 200 characteristics are simply excellent, especially for the technique of its dimensions.

This motorcycle has a carburetor four-strokeengine equipped with a single cylinder with two valves. Its volume is 197 centimeters cubic, and power - thirteen horses. The torque reaches 14 Nm.

Stels Flame 200 reviews
The motor has an air cooling system. It is started using an electric or kick start. The brake system consists of two discs of the front and rear wheels.

The ease of riding a motorcycle Stels Flame 200provides a quality suspension. It is represented by a pendulum shock absorber at the rear and a telescopic fork in the front. Transmission - a mechanical five-speed. Transmission is represented by a chain. The clutch consists of several discs in an oil bath.

The dimensions of the motorcycle deserve mention.Its length is little more than two meters, and the height is one meter. The ground clearance is 22 centimeters, which is quite good for a city bike. At the same time the weight of the Stels Flame 200 reaches only 120 kilograms.

Stels Flame 200 specifications
For its parameters, this motorcycle "eats"quite a bit of fuel - only three liters of 92 gasoline per hundred. The volume of its tank is 17 liters, which allows you to go on a bike, even on a very long journey.

According to reviews of owners, Stels Flame 200perfectly behaves on the road: it controls, is able to overcome such obstacles as dirt and irregularities, quickly and without problems accelerates to a hundred kilometers per hour, equipped with a good headlight.

However it has this bike and minuses.So, it requires frequent oil changes (every 2 thousand kilometers), it does not have a luggage compartment. And the maximum speed of the bike is not high - only 120 kilometers per hour.

Otherwise Stels Flame 200 is an excellent motorcycle, the very existence of which is intended to refute the stereotype of the quality of Chinese goods.