Car Jack - an indispensable assistant to any driver

The car jack is that thing,which is so necessary for every driver! In any car, whether it's a foreign car or our domestic "car", there must be such a lifting assistant. The lever is a very useful invention of mankind, because with its help the lifting of cargoes has become much easier.

car jack

At present, there are mechanical,hydraulic and pneumatic jacks. The first are divided into folding and lever, which practically lost their relevance. This is due to the fact that they have a small carrying capacity. Although they are fairly simple to use and easily placed in the trunk of the car, which can not be said about others. The hydraulic jack is more heavy and powerful. A parallelogram jack is a complete analog of this device. They are used in those cases when the car has a rather large mass. In turn, these jacks are divided into podkatnye, lever and telescopic. The first has a lever, which raises the car, the second - the piston. There is also a vertical hydraulic jack truck. Its plus is that it can climb to a rather large height and has a huge load capacity, so it is more applicable to trucks. However, there is a minus - it must be constantly kept in a vertical position, which is very difficult to transport.

When choosing a car jack, it is worth consideringdata of the machine itself, that is, weight and dimensions. If it weighs about a ton, then a simple folding jack is enough. For the middle class, a hydraulic jack will fit, which can lift the car by half a meter and does not take up much space on the trunk.

hydraulic jack

For jeeps and minivans are more suitableand lever jacks, which are most often used in car service stations and service stations. Due to their properties, they produce an increase from 30 to 150 cm and above. However, transporting them is rather inconvenient due to their size.

Pneumatic car jack lessis common among motorists because it uses compressed air, which is difficult to keep in a confined space. It was used by rescuers, with its help they penetrate into places that can not be opened manually.

car jack

Mechanical jack car isvertical and horizontal. The first option is rather inconvenient, since its pickup should be installed only in a certain place of the car, which after a while can simply be deformed. The horizontal or, as it is called, a rhombic, more suitable option. It has a small size and is easy to operate, although the minus is a small load capacity. Also it must be remembered that its installation should take place on a very flat surface, and the slightest chopping of the jack can lead to its breakage.

Another lifting mechanism - rack. It found its application in truck drivers, and in a small car it just does not fit.

Make the right choice.