Motorcycle "Ural": technical characteristics, production, operation

Heavy motorcycle "Ural", technicalthe characteristics of which repeat the basic parameters of the predecessor M-72, is the last of the class of three-wheeled Soviet motor vehicles. It is produced at the IMZ (Irbit Motorcycle Plant), which is located in the Sverdlovsk Region. Virtually all models of the motorcycle "Ural" are designed for operation with a stroller. Some modifications are equipped with a disable wheel drive wheel drive. The drive is a non-differential, direct, borrowed from the German equivalent of the BMW R71, a heavy motorcycle.

bike ural technical specifications


Currently, the motorcycle "Ural" (technicalthe characteristics of the machine allow making design changes in a wide range) is made under the brand name "Tourist", "Retro", "Patrol 2WD", "Ural-T" and "Gear-UP". All models are produced with a separated stroller. Also at the plant, cars are assembled in a two-wheeled version, without wheelchairs: "Solo ST" and "Retro Solo".

All motorcycles of the brand "Ural" are installedfour-stroke twin-cylinder engines of the opposite type with air cooling. The engine capacity is 40 liters. from. with a working volume of cylinders of 745 cm. The transmission of the motorcycle "Ural" is a four-stage with a reverse gear. All the shifts are synchronized, the ratios of the gear ratios are selected taking into account the off-road driving. The first transmission is designed for slow movement with load. The rotation of the engine crankshaft is transmitted to the drive wheel via a cardan mechanism.

ignition of a motorcycle


Motorcycle "Ural", technical characteristicswho talk about its reliability, basically goes abroad. The export of cars is about 97% of the total number of models produced. The main buyers of heavy motorcycles are the EU countries, Canada, USA and Australia. The market of Russia and the states of the former USSR receives no more than 3-4 percent of the total production.

Recently, the factory capacities of IMZ have beensignificantly expand. From the assembly line, 20% more motorcycles began to go off, the technical characteristics improved, the reliability of the construction increased and, consequently, the service life increased. The ignition of the motorcycle "Ural" was modernized - the usual contact was replaced by an electronic contactless one. Thanks to this, the engine began to work more smoothly, fuel consumption decreased.

motorcycle gearbox ural

Export Aggregates

The changes were made in the complete set of motorcycles"Ural". In 2011, when assembling machines began to use foreign-made units, and soon the application of imported components became massive. The technological maps of the motorcycle assembly include today: the front suspension of the Italian production of Marzocchi, the Brembo disc brakes from Italy, the German Sachs shock absorbers, the gearbox bearings from Sweden, the Keihin Japanese carburettors, the ELECTREX electrical equipment from the USA, the SEMPERIT flexible gasoline pipelines manufactured by the Austrian company, and the Taiwanese ones rubber seals.


Motorcycle "Ural", technical characteristicswhich is best suited for Russian production, is not in demand in Russia due to its high cost - from 250 to 320 thousand rubles, as well as extremely conservative design that does not change for decades. The high price is formed due to the use of imported components and the volume of output insufficient for normal market conditions.

Irbit Motorcycle Plant manages to survivedue to supplies to the US, where, thanks to a well-organized dealer team, about seven hundred motorcycles are sold per year. In Russia, only 20 cars are sold per year. In 2011, IMZ celebrated its 70th anniversary. In honor of the anniversary, the plant produced two new models: Sidecar M70 and Solo M70.