Audi a8 w12: power and luxury

New car model from Audi - a8 w12 looks likeextremely effective. Body in black with a complement in the form of a pseudo-pipe in the exhaust system and graceful forged 19-inch wheels - that's far from everything that immediately catches your eye when you see the novelty. The car's technical characteristics are also impressive: it's possible to accelerate to 100 km / h in 5.1 seconds, which is somewhat inferior to the main competitor S600 with a turbocharged engine. But this figure is 0.4 seconds better than the atmospheric 760i. For comparison, this list can replenish the Jaguar XJR, which also loses the Audi a8l w12 and accelerates to hundreds in 5.1 seconds.

But to believe in this while driving is not easy. The reason for this is a high level of sound insulation and almost perfect work air suspension. Driving does not require specialskills. Automatic transmission with the function of manual switching promotes smooth switching of speeds. However, Audi a8 w12 looks somewhat "heavy", and its full weight is just over 2,500 kg, which is not surprising for cars of this class. After all, the length of the car is 5062 mm, and the volume of the luggage compartment in 500 l can easily accommodate everything that your heart desires.

audi a8 w12

The car's engine is the most powerfulhybrid of two V6. With a volume of 6 liters it is capable of delivering 450 hp, providing excellent speed characteristics. According to the representatives of the company, the noise from the engine is almost not audible in the cabin. However, some motorists who have become owners of Audi w12 note that in extreme modes the power unit still makes itself felt by shooting the tuned exhaust. Returning to the suspension, it can be noted that it is capable of operating in four modes:

  • Lift - specifically to overcome high obstacles (for example, curbs in car parks).

  • Comfort - standard settings.

  • Dynamic - providing maximum rigidity and minimum clearance.

  • Auto - depending on the road and driving style, the rigidity and height of the suspension are set.

    audi a8l w12

The automatic transmission in Audi a8 w12 is working at the proper level. Of the minuses, we can only note the impossibility of skipping a few steps down. But if you take into account that the car is equipped with a 12-cylinder engine, this disadvantage seems insignificant. The maximum speed of the car is 280 km / h. It would seem that with such driving characteristics the engine should consume a lot of fuel. But according to the manufacturers, the control consumption for the city is only 20.5 liters, which is relatively small for such a monster.

audi w12

No less interesting is the recognition systemowner of the machine. In the Audi a8 w12 it is called Keyless Entry. The essence of her work is that if there is a key in your pocket, the door will automatically unlock. There are two ways to start the engine: use the central button on the front console or, standardly, the key. The button on the panel is easily replaced by a touch device that can read a fingerprint. The spaciousness of the salon also does not cause any complaints. Naturally, there is control of climate control, curtains, heated seats. The safety of the driver and passengers is provided by 8 safety cushions, as well as an emergency braking system (Brake Assist). The price of the car is 208 500 $.