The car UAZ-390944. UAZ "Farmer"

One of the popular cars is highpassability, manufactured by the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant, is model 390944 - UAZ "Farmer". For the entire model range of off-road vehicles, simplicity of design, versatility, comparability of price and quality, good endurance performance are characteristic. The listed qualities are also present in the passenger-car, which received the prefix "Farmer" from the factory in the name.

390944 oaz

It is this machine that will be discussed in this article. We will discuss in detail all the advantages and disadvantages, the equipment of the car and we will discuss general information.

General information

уаз 390944 farmer

The carrying capacity of model UAZ 390944 isabout one ton, is equipped with an auto all-wheel drive and a cabin with a capacity of five people, including the driver. The main purpose of the machine (according to the idea of ​​manufacturers) is the transportation of people, as well as the transportation of various goods on roads with a variety of coverage, including on dirt roads provides for the possibility of movement. And also in off-road conditions.

The beginning of the production of this modelstarted in the nineties of the twentieth century, and in 2016 the machine was improved and the following features appeared: an updated control panel, more advanced and anatomical seats have the possibility of longitudinal adjustment, steering wheel changes, reinforcement of the frame, as well as brackets, noise isolation, mounted updated heating elements of the cabin.

Vehicle Advantages

motor уаз 390944

One of the tasks in the modernization of the machine wasPreservation of affordable car cost for the consumer. UAZ-390944 "Farmer" differs from competitors (in this segment of the car market) due to affordable price, the availability of full drive, stability of the car, heavy lifting capacity for this class of cars, the ability to drive through dirt roads on the country.

The car model 390944 UAZ has the following advantages:

  • Versatility of the machine (the possibility of using it as a cargo-passenger car);
  • a capacious gas tank (77 liters);
  • high rates of fitness for repair and the ability to work without breakages for a long time;
  • convenience in the cockpit;
  • relatively low prices of spare parts and maintenance.

The main disadvantages of a commercial truck are: poor build quality, lack of commercially available machines with a diesel engine.

Model 390944 UAZ has such technical characteristics:

motor уаз 390944

  • length 4.85 m;
  • width 1.99 m;
  • height of 2.35 m.

The total weight of the car in accordance with the passport data is 3.07 tons, with a carrying capacity of 1.075 tons.

Vehicle kit

motor уаз 390944

The UAZ-390944 engine is being installed by the plantmodel ZMZ 40911.10, whose volume is 2.693 liters, it develops a capacity of 112.2 liters. from. at a nominal speed of 4,250 rpm, there is a five-speed manual gearbox (manual gearbox) on the car, a two-speed transfer case with manual deactivation of the front axle. The brake system is made in a two-circuit variant using a vacuum amplifier.