Stels SB 200 - flying, despite traffic jams

Stels SB 200 is a truly unique motorcycle. His personality is not in high cost, but in the thoughtful management of the bike. So, if you grab Stels with your legs, they will not go back, as often happens when using sports models. It is also easy to press against the tank and take cover under the glass. On such a bike you will never feel the load in the wrists and hands, even with a long ride.

This is a one-of-a-kind motorcycle with small cubes, which has narrow wheels. It is such a technique that is produced for Asia, and it is precisely this country that passionately wants to buy connoisseurs of true drive in Russia.

stels sb 200
After all, Stels SB 200 is the most compact among allexisting motorcycles. Therefore, in congestion and congestion, it will give odds to even more powerful machines that do not have sufficient maneuverability. Excellent motorcycle and when traveling with other transport in one lane. And it also flies easily between parallel rows. By freely pressing your feet to the tank, you can move between the strips without occupying any of them.

In this case, I would especially like to note the ease of management of the Stels SB 200. The reviews speak for themselves - on such a motorcycle you do not drive, but just rest!

Overclocked Stels with an enviable share of confidence. Can freely overtake the car as a start, and on the road. The dynamics of the motorcycle does not leave any complaints. It behaves well at speeds of up to 80 km / h. And even at 110 does not cause trouble. The maximum allowable value is 120 km / h. Although it is worth mentioning that the speedometer of this model adds a bit of speed - about 5-10 kilometers per hour.

The motor on Stels SB 200 pleases bikers with its balancing. It does not shake, and is not felt when driving vibration, even at a maximum torque of 5000-5500 rpm.

stels sb 200 reviews

The subtlety of light wheels ensures quicknessstart and high dynamics Stels SB 200 at any speed. Particularly attracted by such a motorcycle is its confident and steady driving over potholes and unevennesses. He has a small contact spot, so this technique should be tilted less. However, it is recommended to stock up immediately after running-in with good rubber. Its quality should not be doubted.

stels sb 200 specs
The chain, of course, will be stretched after the break-in, as often happens on Chinese motorcycles. Therefore, it is worth replacing the other, you can the same country-producer, but only a good brand.

The headlights shine perfectly. But it is better to install parking lights than to "burn" them in vain.

The passenger is not inconvenienced when driving on Stels. The same can not be said about driving on other machines, for example, on such as YBR.

If we compare the last and Stels SB 200, thenThe described motorcycle definitely wins, although both are produced in China. Stealth is more convenient, it looks more serious and more solid, and at the same time it also has a powerful engine.

Especially wanted to focus on the quality of plasticStels SB 200. Its characteristics are such that in the sun in no case the motorcycle is not recommended. The entire construction of plastic parts is assembled from "flaps", which are fastened with cogs. But it is quite strong and looks easy, albeit funny.

And if you take into account the fact that such a motorcycle resembles a subcompact scooter, then he generally does not have a price. After all, you can travel all your life on it, and no traffic policeman will suspect that you have a 200-cube engine.