Audi Q7 (2006): review, specifications, reviews

What crossover can I buy for 1 million rubles? "Renault Kaptur", "Hyundai Kreta", "Daster" - this is an incomplete list of modern budget SUVs. But those who want a premium jeep for a small amount, it is worth paying attention to the Audi Q7 2006. This is the first generation of luxury full-size SUVs. What is Audi Q7? Technical specifications and a review of the German crossover - later in this article.


Despite 10 years ago, the design of thiscrossover is very modern. At the front there is the brand-new wide grille of the Audi radiator and lenticular head optics. In the slots of the bumper neatly hides a strip of navigation lights. At the bottom are the fog lights. Audi Q7 2006 features massive wheel arches and impressive size wheels. The wide windscreen provides an excellent overview for the driver.

audi q7 2006
As the reviews say, Audi Q7 2006 is stillattracts the looks of passers-by. With this machine you can stand out from the flow. The car has an immodest design. But in the case of an accident, the cost of repairing one part can reach hundreds of thousands of rubles - the body is aluminum, and getting into color (especially if it's a metallic silver) is very difficult.

Dimensions, clearance

The crossover "Audi KU7" is simply amazingin large sizes. The length of the body is 5.1 meters, width - 1.99 meters, height - 1.74. Ground clearance is one of the main achievements of this car, as the reviews note. 24-cm clearance is enough for the crossover to move confidently not only on the primer, but also off-road. In addition - four-wheel drive "Quattro", which significantly expands the off-road capabilities of this car.

audi q7 3 0 tdi 2006
Also note that some versions of the "Audi KU7"equipped with air suspension. It allows you to change the clearance in the range of 18 to 24 centimeters right on the go. However, now many specimens have a defective suspension. Pneuma can spontaneously drop, especially in winter - note the reviews. In order not to poison the cylinders, it is recommended to thoroughly wash off dirt from them and to process with silicone.


Audi Q7 2006 has a presentable interior. Front seats are equipped with a wide range of electrical adjustments. The steering wheel is also adjustable in different positions. On the center console is a multimedia screen and powerful air ducts.

audi q7 specifications
Below - a proprietary CD-recorder and control unitclimate system. Between the front seats is a wide armrest with a cup holder. "Beard" (continuation of the center console) is at the level of the driver's knees. It would seem that it essentially hides the salon space. But free space in Audi Q7 2006 suffices with a margin - say testimonials. Finishing materials - leather, Alcantara. ABS plastic (very durable and pleasant to the touch). Also in the cabin there are wooden and aluminum inserts (sometimes carbon). They can be of different tones, depending on the equipment.

Thanks to high planting, a goodvisibility inside. Mirrors are quite massive and informative. The reviews point out that Audi Q7 2006 is distinguished by good ergonomics - all controls are at an affordable distance. Depending on the configuration, the crossover went in five- and seven-seater versions. In the latter case, it was assumed the presence of a third row of seats in the trunk area. However, these seats are devoid of such lateral and lumbar support as the rest, and are more suitable for children.


Its volume in the seven-seater version is 330 liters.

audi ku7
The five-seat Audi is designed for 775 liters of luggage. Well, with the folded second row, the volume could have increased to 2 thousand liters.

Audi Q7: specifications

In the Russian market, this car was offered withtwo diesel and two petrol engines. Let's start with the latter. The basic is a six-cylinder V-unit with 272 horsepower. The volume of the engine is exactly 3 liters. With it, "Audi" could accelerate to hundreds in 7.9 seconds. The fuel consumption ranged from 9-15 liters. The maximum speed was limited to 225 kilometers per hour.

The flagship in the gasoline range was three-literTFSI unit for 333 horsepower. This engine accelerated the 2.3-ton SUV to a hundred in 6.9 seconds. The maximum speed is 245 kilometers per hour. What is noteworthy, the fuel consumption of this engine is the same as in the case of the 272-strong unit.

audi q7 2006
Now let's move on to the diesel line. The most common modification of the Audi Q7 2006 is 3.0 TDI. This is a six-cylinder turbocharged engine, thanks to which the power was 245 horsepower. This power unit is noteworthy in that traction is available practically from "idle" ones. So, acceleration to a hundred takes 7.8 seconds. And the maximum speed is 215 kilometers per hour. At the same time the unit is very economical, in contrast to the "gasoline" - say reviews. So, for 100 kilometers of the way "Audi" TDI spends from 6.7 to 8.6 liters of fuel.

The second diesel unit is 4.2 TDI. This is already an eight-cylinder engine, which developed a power of 340 horsepower. With him, "Audi" was dispersed to hundreds in 6.4 seconds. And the maximum speed was 242 kilometers per hour (and this despite the fact that the weight of the crossover in this equipment is almost two and a half tons). The fuel consumption is from 8 to 13 liters per hundred, depending on the driving style and mode of operation. All of the above units were equipped with an automatic transmission "Tiptronic" for eight steps. It can also work in manual mode.

Which set to choose?

Reviews note that the older the premiumThe car, the poorer its configuration should be. This is explained as follows. In the "Audi" used a lot of complex electrical systems and mechanisms, which eventually fail. As a result, the panel will be literally strewn with errors, and the price tag for repairs is comparable to half the cost of the car itself.

audi q7 2006 reviews
Reviews do not recommend buying versions withair suspension and a premium 12-cylinder engine (it was not officially supplied to Russia). But will not the minimum equipment be too poor? Not at all - "Audi KU7" is well equipped already in the "base." Here are:

  • Climate control.
  • Xenon optics.
  • LED navigation lights in front and lights from the rear.
  • Electric mirrors and power windows of all doors.
  • Leather upholstery + Alcantara.
  • Rear parktronic with camera.
  • 8 airbags.
  • System ABS and exchange rate stability.
  • Electric seat adjustment.
  • Multimedia system.
  • Acoustics for 6 speakers.


So, we found out what thecrossover "Audi KU7" 2006. At the moment this car is sold in the secondary market for 0.8-1 million rubles. But many copies have problems. This can be a kicking box, an ever-falling pneumatic and an unstable engine. Before buying it is important not only to inspect the body for the integrity of the geometry, but also to make computer diagnostics, and also check the condition of the suspension (it is multi-link in front and behind). Otherwise, you may face expensive repairs.