How is the ultrasonic cleaning of the injector

Perhaps, every car enthusiast knows a problem inThe operation of the engine, which is caused by contamination of the injector. The fact that ultrasonic cleaning of the injector is necessary is indicated by such phenomena as passes and twitches during acceleration, unstable operation at idle, significant fuel overrun, and engine power reduction. As soon as any of the above signs appear, you need to contact the car service.

ultrasonic cleaning injector


Injector contamination occurs as a result ofthe use of low-quality fuel with a variety of impurities: dirt, water, olefin, benzene, sulfur compounds, etc. During combustion, deposits are released that are not soluble by gasoline - it is a resinous coating, which is a shiny stable crust of black, settling on surfaces and preventing proper operation . When the nozzle is dirty, the nozzle has an incorrect sawing direction and low productivity.

Ultrasonic cleaning of injector

Such washing is the most modernmethod of purification. It involves removing the nozzles and placing them in an ultrasonic bath. They are washed with the help of the effect of cavitation. Ultrasonic cleaning of injector does not allow Only clean the exterior surfaces of the injectors, but alsoworking internal cavities, because they are also exposed to carbon and varnish deposits, since they are located in the working zone of high pressure and temperature.

Active cleaning of the injector by ultrasound assumes that the nozzles are working (they closeand open), being in the solution by the part that sprays the fuel. This washing is most effective, since even those nozzles are cleaned, which simply can not be cleaned with a washing liquid. It is also worth noting that ultrasonic cleaning of the injector has another advantage - it is an opportunity to check the performance and efficiency of the injectors. Washing is carried out in several stages:

ultrasonic cleaner cleaning

- removal of injectors from the car;

- visual inspection;

- installation on a specialized stand;

- primary inspection;

- cleaning injector injectors with a special solution in an ultrasonic bath in a gentle mode;

- intermediate check;

- additional washing if necessary;

- final cleaning;

- installation of injectors back into the engine.

Standard methods

cleaning injector injectors

The most accessible, but at the same time, ineffectivemethod is a cleaning additive. The use of solvent, which can be purchased at any auto store for a small price, is recommended every 6-8 thousand kilometers. Often, this method of purification brings instead of the expected results only additional efforts. After all, it is not uncommon for a cleaning liquid to peel off the slag in the fuel tank and fuel filter, after which the detached flakes of dirt block the injector filter, and as a result, the dismantling of the injectors becomes inevitable. Also, the cleaning of the injector is used by connecting a special installation with the use of washing quality mixes.