"Hot" crossover Audi Q3. Reviews

An interesting novelty in the car market is the Audi Q3.The responses of leading specialists remain positive to this day. This vehicle has justified its power and the highest quality of the German brand even at the premiere at the Shanghai Motor Show in China. In the authenticity and impeccability of the car, Audi KU3 was convinced even more at the driving presentation in Switzerland.

Audi ku3
Pleased with the convenience and comfort of the interior.In it, everything is folded and harmonized, so that there is no difficulty in using the controls. Especially it concerns the easiest steering. For greater comfort for passengers, the cabin provides many functions. For example:

- convenient handles for climate control;

- Mechanisms Audi Drive Select, which will help to adjust the steering wheel, pedals and the work of shock absorbers;

- quality multimedia system;

- availability of high-speed Internet access with Google maps for navigation;

- a lot of other pleasures.

Of course, you can talk about the delightful design and comfort of the salon as much as you like. But what are the driving qualities of the technical part of the Audi Q3?

Audi q3
Comments on the characteristics of three differentengines, assembled according to Volkswagen standards, look like this. Each motor completely copes with its task, it is almost noiseless. Such highly dynamic engines can accelerate the Audi Q3 to hundreds in a few seconds. For example, an aggregate of 2.0 TFSI with a capacity of 211 horsepower and a seven-stage S-tronic robot disperse the car in just 6.9 seconds.

This vehicle is offeredconsumers with gasoline and diesel engines. The first is equipped with a six-speed manual gearbox, and the second type of motor is a boxed automatic. The fuel consumption for gasoline engines in the city is approximately 12.5 liters, on the highway - up to 9 liters per every hundred kilometers.

As for the Russian model of the Audi carQ3, reviews on performance are identical to German prototypes. Audi engineers completed a motor with a capacity of 170 horses with a robot S-tronic with a manual gearbox (manual gearbox). The car contains a practical complete set. The audience of fans of this vehicle in Russia is gaining momentum among absolutely different age categories.

Audi car q3 consumer reviews
This brand of car deservedly justified the hopesdevelopers in many countries. Knowingly working on it for a long time, polished to shine, tried without distortion to reflect the desire of the buyer. The car is impeccable and versatile for different categories of owners. Such a vehicle is able to withstand a trip over a broken primer, along relief roads outside the city, and remain intact at the same time.

A huge variety of salon styles,originality, refinement in combination with eccentricity and quality - all this contains the Audi Q3. Comments from premium consumers confirm that the work is high-class, the proof of this is how popular the car is even in a tightly segmented Europe.